Ali-Sadr cave :

Convergence of dream and reality

When you read Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea” you find yourself caught in-between reality and dream. Ali-Sadr cave is the exact place that really helps you turn your dreams into vivid realities. It is the largest aqueous cave in the world and it can be definitely named the most distinctive tourism brand of Hamedan.

Ali-Sadr cave

This marvelous cave was discovered in 1963, in the 1970s it was used as a tourist site for the first time with the efforts of “Abdullah Hajilu”, the head of Hamedan’s Mountaineering Council.

Ali-Sadr cave

It is one of the most spectacular natural sites in Iran and also in the world, because of its large rivers and long aqueducts which are spread all over the cave. It is a unique geological phenomenon, only a few caves in the world such as “Moulis Cave” in France, “Knight’s Cave” and “Boukan’s Cave” in Australia can equal its splendid qualities. The water from the cave is quite drinkable but there are no fish or such found in this particular cave.

Ali-Sadr cave

The temperature remains consistent throughout the year and the water is very translucent to the degree that one can see its depth up to ten meters. The river’s depth varies from ten meters to fourteen meters in some parts. The cave’s water originates from underground water springs, gradual spattering and oozing of water from the roof and walls of the cave which in turn are supplied from regular rainfalls. The cave is about 75 kilometers north of Hamedan. It has borrowed its name from a neighboring village.Ali-Sadr cave

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