In an untamed zone in the north of Iran, exists a very beautiful and secretive Lake, in which you might find its name ridiculous in the first visit, it is no other place than the ghost lake (Arvah Lake) in Noshahr. Have you ever thought about the fact that what vague and probably fascinating story might be behind the name of the lake in which the local people call it the ghost Lake (Arvah Lake)?

In the most reticent and ingenious place in Noshahr, in Mazandaran province, among the intricate trees of Wide Leaves Jungle, is located the most incredible and all the while very beautiful Lake of Iran. This lake is also called Mamraz or Mola Kola, it’s called by this name because of being located in this place but it’s most famous name is the ghost Lake (Arvah Lake). The length of this beautiful lake is 70 m and his weight about 300 meters.This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes that you will see throughout your life. This Mysterious Lake like its name has also a distinguished and uncanny shape. This is so different that this difference caused its name to be registered as one of our natural national heritages. The look of this Lake is as if you would think in the first place that the trees are growing backward and the roots are out. The water is so clean and glossy that it increases its beauty as a result of the reflection of the trees in the water. Have you ever heard the name of the dead trees? If you think that this expression is one in the Harry Potter trilogies you are completely mistaken because the dead trees are named after trees which are exactly in the middle of the lake and are known as the dead trees. One of the other elements which enhance the delusion of this place is the existence of these dead trees in between the ghost-like.Arvah LakeThe strange and probably scary jungle in which the lake is located in its middle is also influential in it being wonderful. Avalanche and long trees of this jungle each one having its own beauty you can find the two factors of beauty and fear close to each other that how beautifully they complete each other and you can enjoy this view yet traveling to this place although very beautiful but because of the unsuitability of the way accessing to this lake in the fall requires a great amount of caution. In winter if you can pass the snowy and muddy road, surely travel to this place. But why do you think that the Lake is called the ghost Lake (Arvah Lake)? And in the beginning, I have to mention that this name has a delusional shape that many of the local people still know this place as where the ghosts are located.

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Arvah LakeThe ingenious and reticent atmosphere of this place is followed most of the days with the sound of wild animals and other insects and it is foggy most of the days. These two factors along with its strange shape of the lake make a delusional picture. The local people have rightly selected this name for this lake. The tall trees in the middle of the lake increase the delusion and if you close your eyes and just come to this Lake you think that you are in trouble.
This beautiful lake beside the ghost story has other attractions to and provides a visiting place for you. Forgetting to this place you first have to pass Noshahr and by entering the feeder road through the Jungle which you can only pass by the helping vehicles you will reach ghost Lake (Arvah Lake). You should bring important things that you think are necessary for this trip to have a complete and perfect visit. The nature of this estranged lake is so beautiful and eye-catching that could be a good place for photographing. Surrounding lake there are two ways of staying. First of all, you can stay in the local houses, hotels or motels and the next you can camp in the jungle and stay near the lake for a while. For accessing the ghost lake (Arvah Lake) in Noshahr Province you must pass Noor to Noshahr and in the 12th Km after passing the Venus Road you should enter the feeder Road of Challender village and Slah Aldin Kolay Sofla.Arvah LakeAfter that, you’ll reach environmental monitoring where you should arrange your entry with the local officers and do the necessary official works. Then you should pass the environmental monitoring drive in the North Road which is 10 km until you reach the signpost of Dasht va Band Mamraz, now you should enter the feeder route and there is a chance of facing wild animals so you must use the helping vehicles on this trip for going to this lake you must go to Mazandaran Province, Noshahr 5 km from Chalendar.

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