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  1. As a lebanese girl, Could i travel to Iran alone? Is Iran safe to visit?
    Is iran sunni or shia?

  2. I’m planning to go to Iran , i wish i can visit tehran , yazd , shiraz , kashan and isfahan , could provide a guide , hotels and transportation from city to another ?

  3. Elisa Pericchi Reply

    Hi all,

    I will be in Iran in 2 weeks (20th april to 8th of may).
    We have more or less organized the first part of our trip from Tehran to Shiraz.
    We still need to organize the rest.
    – We would like to do trekking on Almut Valley. Do you have any suggestions here for a 3 days/2 nights tour? Do you know a good guide?
    – We also would like to see the Kurdistan region (Marivan, Hawrawan) Sanandai. How many days should we dedicate for this part? Can we rent here a motorbike or a car to explore the region? Can we spend the night with an accommodation t local village?
    – Do you have any suggestions for Hamadan? Is there any trekking to do there? Do you recommend to visit Hamadan or to skip it?

    Thank you n advance for your support.

    Best regards,
    Elisa form Italy

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