Desert oasis in Garmeh
If you have always dreamed of going to the real oasis in the desert Garmeh is a smart choice, it has extremely hot welcome with the silence of Iran’s central huge deserts. Garmeh is the village which is located in the desert with green scenery and it’s definitely imaginary like the one you seen in movies, with a crumbling castle, moving date palms and the sound of spring water. It’s the kind of place that you come for one night but prefers to stay more. Nearby Farahzad and small Toudeshk, between Esfahan and Na’in, also offer enjoyable desert style family homestay accommodation which is welcoming travellers for a hundred of years and it was one of the pits stops on the famous silk road, think beds on the floor, basic bathrooms, fresh, delicious homemade food and infinite skyline just outside your door.

Spectacular west of Iran
With the slowdown in cross-country vacationer traffic, unexpectedly few make it out west, if just take a look at UNESCO World Heritage-listed like Armenian churches you’ll be willing to Tracking down all the list. Follow the scenery path in the midst of Howraman on your way between Marivan and Paveh. Explore the Aras Valley, Or the Coloured Mountains and spend some time on the social gathering of Kurds around there to know them well, the Azeris in the northwest, the Gilan on the Caspian Coast, the Arabs of Khuzestan. All in all Western Iran has the diversity of landscape that is worth planning your vacation around.

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Legendary Zoroastrian Fire Temples in Yazd
Iran has many archaeological wonders to admire from ancient time. One of them is the Zoroastrian fire temple. Iran may be a Islamic Republic, but its Zoroastrian sites have a Supernatural charm. Out of a pleasantly isolated location in the Yazd hinterland, has a magnificent fire temple with an extremely attractive brass door, even more, stunning views, and an ancient ritual this was the Zoroastrian heartland and remains its most important pilgrimage site. It’s difficult to come here and not imagine Iran in the days before Islam arrived in. There are other fire temples in Kerman and Isfahan.

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