Boroujerd’s Imam Mosque; The Showcase of Islamic Architecture of Lorestan

This mosque is a great landmark from the ancient times which has been reconstructed on the ruins of an older mosque during the end of Zandieh and the beginning of Qajar reign. This historical monument is of the four-loggia mosques and regarding its form, it is similar to Tehran’s Imam Mosque and Qazvin’s Nabi mosque while its width is twice the aforementioned constructions.

Azna Snow Tunnel

Azna Snow TunnelThis snow tunnel has been evolved naturally from ice and snow of the lofty and glorious foothills of Oshtorankouh in Kamandan, Azna; the length of this tunnel is beyond 800 meters and its height from the bottom to the top about 2/5 to 3 meters, it could be visited only in spring and summer.
This unique glory is the outcome of accumulating thousands of tons of snow during successive years in Aznadare in Oshtorankouh. An outstanding dale in Azna’s Kamandan village which is formed every year as a consequence of the fall of heavy avalanches into which is shaped a snowbank and following the effusion of water as a result of melting of the snow, an eye-catching tunnel will be created inside that.
For visiting the tunnel one must go up the Oshtorankouh, the lofty mountain range having 13 peaks is located 5km south of Azna province. Throughout this range, there is a road which ends up in greenish Kamandan village that after passing through it one must perambulate the path to Aznadare.

Aligoodarz’s White Water Waterfall

Ab Sefid Waterfall of Lorestan
Aligoodarz’s White Water Waterfall is located in about 50km from Aligoodarz, in the foothill of Zagros range and close to the tall Ghalikouh Mountain in the township of Besharat Zolgha in Aligoodarz province. It is accessible through Aligoodarz road.
This waterfall attracts many tourists in spring and the natural coverage surrounding the waterfall has bestowed a special beauty to this touristic district. Spring is the best time for visiting Lorestan’s waterfalls especially the White Water.
This waterfall emerges from a tunnel inside a stony mountain, its height is about 70 meters and its width in succulent seasons reaches about 8 meters. This waterfall pours down Roudbar River in Lorestan and finally riches the Dez. It is understandable that the reason for choosing its name is that its water gets the form of a bubble as the result of it being mixed with the air and hitting the stones. The waterfall itself is located in dark valleys which are shaped by geological activities and erosion by water after thousands of years.

Bababozorg (Grandfather), Imam Reza’s Brother, at the Heart of Lorestan’s People

The Holy Shrine of Imamzadeh Ebrahim, known as Bababozorg (Grandfather) is one of the blessed graves which is located in 65km from Dolfan province and attracts thousands of our Imams’ lovers from Lorestan, Hamedan, and Kermanshah yearly.

Gahar Lake, a Shining Diamond in ZagrosGahar lakeGahar Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran which is located in Doroud province; it is actually placed among the Oshtorankouh range and its height from the sea is 2350. This lake’s approximate depth is 30m, with a 100-hectare area and with its length it has covered 2.5k of the valley. This is a significant lake regarding the environment and nature which has been safe from human access as a result of not having an easy and appropriate road.

Khoramabad’s Falakolaflak CastleFalakolaflak CitadelThis amazing and beautiful castle is situated at the peak of Khorramabad with 5300 square meters area with great scenery. The hillside of this ancient hill is limited from east and southwest to Khorramabad river, from west to the street and 12-borgi (12 towers) neighborhood and from north to Falakolaflak street. Its previous name which refers back to Sassanid period was Shapour Khast Castle, it consists of 8 circular towers with tall and strong walls.

Chekan Waterfall, Aligoodarz’s God-given Investment
Chekan waterfall is placed in the southwest of Aligoodarz and in “Zezomahroo” township overlooking villages in Chekan district. This waterfall emerges from a cave overlooking Chekan’s farmlands; its outbursts are about tens of meters which attract any interlocutor.Chekan Waterfall

Aligoodarz’s Reversed Tulips Field

One of the most eye-catching places is Aligoodarz is the Reversed Tulip Field; this province has a huge share in Tulip Fields, so much so that this beautiful scenery is continued from 35k from southeast of Aligoodarz’s center to the up hillsides of Zagros.



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