Harandeh village

We want to have a short trip to Harandeh village in Firuzkuh. This beautiful but small village has lots of charm that we will mention in this post. We will tell you about the path to Burnik Cave and the beauty that you will see on this path. So come along with us to experience the beauty of Harandeh.

Harandeh village in Firuzkuh

It is used for Yaylak purposes and is close to the capital, with weather that is nothing like the capital itself. The alleyways of Harandeh village are unique for taking pictures and walking, especially in the fall season. Harandeh village has spectacular attractions such as Emamzadeh Yahya. Nimrod Water Reservoir flows through the village, creating a good atmosphere which is suitable for picnics and summer recreation in the countryside.
There is a good place for Yaylak purposes in about 120 km northeast of Tehran, a small village that gets more beautiful throughout the year. Harandeh village is full of gardens, each of which provides certain fruits for the village. In the Harandeh village, there is also a small Emamzadeh called Yahya, which the people of the village appeal to and is very sacred to them.

When you enter the village, the noise of the stream of water from the Nimrod River will be hard to miss, follow it to the cavern. Thousands of years ago this particular cavern was a safe place for early humans. Burnik Cave is located south of the village, on the way there are lots of wild hawthorn shrubs and mountain barbells. This cave does not only give you a spectacular view of Harandeh but it also familiarizes you with the scenery.