Elimalat Lake

This time we go to the lush forests in northern Iran, where Elimalat  Lake is located. We go past Nur County and head towards Kashpel jungle. In the thick of the forest lies a beautiful lake. The place is considered to be a dam but it is known to locals as Lake Alimalat. The dam is located at an altitude of 125 meters above sea level. Many tourists from other parts of the country come to visit this wonderful patch of land.Eliminate Lake

En route to the lake

Nur County is our destination. Elimalat Lake has its own road so the goal is to reach that road. We move forward until we reach a beautiful patch of road ahead of us, the road is full of trees. Sunshine tries so hard to find a way through the branches and leaves, but it does not succeed.
The cool air is mixed with the smell of grass and dirt. The path is so spectacular that it forces us to stop the car and take pictures of the environment around us. We go on, and after a while, we hear the sound of water coming from the lake. The route is so spectacular and pleasant that many tourists prefer to walk there.
They leave the cars in the lower parts of the park and walk the rest of the way in order to enjoy the scenery. On the way, we saw a tourism tour, moving along the road with us. During this trip many people get to know each other, they start talking and they continue to walk alongside the lake together, they may even become friends for life.
At this point, we reach a beautiful bridge. Almost all the tourist stop for a moment and take a picture. We cross the bridge and continue on. Suddenly, after all the trees and the roads, a vast view of the lake appears in front of us. It’s literally breathtaking. We have arrived at our destination. This is Elimalat Lake.

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Eliminate Lake

Boat Rides

Now that we’ve come here we cannot leave without a boat ride on the lake. The main attraction of the lake is the boat ride, either on a motorboat or a traditional rowboat.
If you are interested you can easily rent one of the boats and enjoy the coolness of the air and drops of water on your face while watching the surrounding landscape from the boat.
If you have come here to relax, take a ride in one of the rowboats. Simply Ride away from the hustle and bustle of the lakeside, leave your worries and troubles and take in the tranquility.
The interesting point is that when you dive away, you will not hear anything from the lakeside, it is only silence and peace that surrounds you at that moment.

Eliminate Lake


As we said before, there are numerous occasions on which you can take pictures. The road leading to the lake is a beauty. And also the lake itself is picture worthy. You cannot go home without taking a picture and posting it on Instagram.
Take out your phone and record these spectacular moments. The trees give off a certain vibe, and their reflection in the water can be beautiful. You can find a number of locations suitable for taking a perfect selfie.

Eliminate Lake


One of the attractions that many locals and even many tourists take part in is fishing. If you are interested in fishing, pick up your equipment and get to the lake. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and have fun. You can catch a variety of fish such as Trout and Common carp.

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Eliminate Lake




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