New policy for travel to Iran: travel to Iran without a passport stamp! The absence of Iran’s stamp on the passport of tourists, especially foreign tourists, is a new policy that Iran has taken to increase its incoming tourists.

For a while, tourism officials had been instructed to hold joint meetings with the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to track the non-inclusion of stamps and passports on foreign tourists passports, and now this issue has become operational, and the stamp of Iran’s entry and exit to the passport of tourists is not being fired.

Accordingly, tourists who receive their electronic visas can apply for an entry not to enter the country of entry. Currently, this procedure is being implemented at Imam Khomeini International Airport. Isfahan officials also announced the launch of an electronic visa application at the airport in the city until the end of the month.

The inclusion of visas and the stamp of entry and exit to certain countries makes it difficult for tourists to obtain visas from other countries. The same thing has caused some people to push for tourism in other countries as a source of income. The policy of not including visas and stamps in the tourist passport is currently being implemented in several countries, such as Cuba.

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    • Recently based on new policy on the Foreign Ministry’s Visa and Passport Department, Iran does not stamp on the traveler’s passport page.

  1. Do you think there’s any chance of them stamping my passport if I ask for it? I would much rather have those stamps/sticker!

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