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Why Medical tourism in Iran? 
This is a guide for people which want to travel to Iran for a medical care services.
One of the things Iran has to offer is its health care system. In Iran, you can have a lot of affordable and high-quality Medical services offers.

Whenever there is the talk of health care on any level, USA, UK, Europe is the first in your mind. People spend millions of dollars on health-related issues in these countries, but there is an alternative choice. In Iran you can get the help you need for a relatively smaller fee, there are world-class physicians who can help you on any level, plus with the help of modern and equipped hospitals, you can be sure you’re treated right and proper. As a patient one can undergo an operation, recover and have a good time all in all for a much smaller amount of money than it would cost to do the same in another country. If you’re looking for critical and emergency medical care, or have cosmetic issues you need to sort out, or even if you need some preventative care, Iran is the place for you. Iran is a good opportunity that you can take advantage of, short wait lists and sometimes even without an appointment, you can visit the doctor, something you can’t find easily nowadays.

medical tourism In IranMedical tourism in Iran is not limited, in terms of the range of fields covered. For example cardiology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, nephrology, oncology, neurology, dermatology, gynecology/obstetrics, orthopedics, organ transplantation and otolaryngology (ear, nose & throat), are just some of them. There are two things about Iran that relate to this subject and everybody knows about them, hot springs and traditional medicine. In terms of hot springs in Iran, you can find it in cities such as Sirch (Kerman), Sar’eyn (Ardabil) and Geno (Bandar Abbas), in the springtime of course. This hot spring phenomenon that we talked about results in somewhat traditional spas, which are very popular among tourists. Tourists from all over the world come to Iran for this spas, and it’s no wonder why, it heals skin problems, it’s relaxing therefore it helps to reduce stressful individuals. Patients from all sorts of places like Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and even India come to Iran for that. Some people choose to come because it’s simply cheaper, some favor the medical care provided by the specialists and some are more comfortable going to an Asian country rather than a European or American one. In Iran a host of services are provided, such as: ophthalmology, cardiology, kidney transplants, dentistry, urology and general surgery. 30,000 patients from neighboring countries are in Iran currently, receiving medical care.
Now it’s time to talk about the reasons by which Iran is the best option available to you:
The first thing to remember right off the bat is the fact that it’s a whole lot cheaper and the establishment are straight out high-end, so no worries about the quality of work. Two factors play a defining role in this subject, we talked about the cost of medical care In Iran and how it’s cheaper than European countries, but the other factor is how reliable are the doctors and specialists and how professional are the clinics, these two factors combined make the case for attracting patients to Iran. At the end it all boils down to affordability, anyone in need of medical care has to choose between developing countries and higher costs or countries like Iran which are in turn much cheaper and produce the same outcome.
This lower cost we talked about has a reason. Iran’s currency “Rial” due to inflation and sanctions has plummeted down drastically over the last few years and now it’s reached the lowest point in its history. This means that the medical care provided in Iran is a whole lot cheaper than any other place, and it’s staying like this for quite some time. The result is that a host of patients or “tourists” from countries near Iran come for medical purposes, countries like Azerbaijan, Iraq and even the Persian Gulf countries.

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Many of the tourists come to Iran for its historical sites, its nature, and national resources or simply for religious reasons, but another thing to look for is the potential that Iran has in providing medical care to them. Despite the sanctions and the effect they had on the economy of the country, the development carried on through the years and it has reached international levels, this is the side effect of sanctions, it urges the nation to look inwards and carry on independently. It doesn’t have to be just a holiday or vacation for the tourists, it can have medical purposes besides that.
Iran is known for the doctors and specialists it has on international levels. This is an important factor because in the Middle East it plays a crucial role as there are no better equivalent countries. You simply cannot compare Middle Eastern countries to Iran in terms of this subject. What’s more interesting is the fact that not only the medical field has developed through the years, but in relation to that other departments have managed to also grow and self-develop, For instance, Iran is considered to be among the worlds’ top five countries in biotech.
Now it’s safe to say that due to a host of different factors Iran has become the go-to country for Islamic and regional patients and also tourists. The factors include the country’s geographical position, the ongoing situation in countries near Iran, cheaper and economical costs of service and advanced and semi-advanced medical facilities throughout the country.
In Iran, hospitals provide medical services to tourists and foreign patients. These medical services are equal to the one they would get if they had gone to European countries or any country for that matter. Iran is considered to be one of the top countries in the field of biotech, one of five actually, as a matter of fact, nine out of fifteen of the high usage molecules produced in the whole world are made in Iran. Iran’s potential in the field of biotechnology is undeniable. Iran is considered to have the 19th place in medical research rankings around the world, that’s due to over 400 medical research facilities in the country and their constant development.
One other factor in play is the granting of visas to foreign patients or so-called medical tourists and the rules which are in place in the country. In order to expand and further develop the tourism sector, the country has eased the process of getting visas for medical tourists and this extends to the person who comes along with the patient, these processes were excruciating before, but nowadays it’s easier than ever.
All in all, we can say that in Iran you can get the best treatment there is without spending too much money compared to the countries that will bleed you dry. There are few countries considered to be competitors of Iran in this subject, countries like Jordan, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain as well as Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and India.

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The chance to see Iran and at the same time undergo cosmetic surgery; a facelift or a nose job is a once in a lifetime opportunity and considering the fact that Iran has the all-time record of nose jobs done in the country, you don’t have to be afraid of anything, it’s virtually impossible for anything to go wrong.
You can fly in directly from countries in Europe and the Middle East. After landing in Tehran you can go anywhere you deem suitable, but keep in mind that Tehran and Shiraz have the best facilities in the country.

This video is a report (WIONews) from Iran, one of the top popular destination for medical tourism. More than 500000 medical tourists arrive in Iran every year.


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