Isfahan’s best restaurants according to public reviews

Isfahan is a historic and cultural city, but that’s not the only thing this city has to offer, one can simply take in the sights and at the same time enjoy the local cuisine. “What’s the best place to eat?” a question often raised when traveling. In Isfahan local Dough and Gush fill, plus Beriany are all the rage, but what about the restaurants, what do they have to offer. In here we have provided you with a list of the top 15 restaurants in Isfahan. The data used in here is courtesy of TripAdvisor website.

Azadegan traditional café-restaurant

The interior of this particular restaurant is filled with antiques that the owner has stored over the years. This seems to be one of the owner’s (Haji Mirza) little passion project, which he cannot give up now. At first, it resembles a historical site or a little museum but after a while, you get used to the idea and it becomes clear that it is actually a restaurant. This café was first built in the Safavid dynasty, by the name of Haji Mirza’s well, at the beginning they called the place resting house, because people went there to cool off and wash the day away, but over time the place changed names from the Parrots house to Tea house and finally to café, but the locals still use the owners name to call the place.

Hermes (Jolfa) café-restaurant

One of the best Italian restaurants in Isfahan, with stakes you can’t find anywhere else in the city. The decoration and the design of this place will surely help the experience you will have there. It is recommended that you pay a visit to this restaurant.

Arc. A café-restaurant

After visiting the Vank Cathedral (Armenian Church in Isfahan), you might want to consider going to a restaurant nearby, well, in that case, the best option would be the Arc. A restaurant, this place has the most exotic and mesmerizing scenery, plus a menu that is second to none. This is just a taste of what this place has to offer, but keep in mind that reservation is key, due to its popularity, this place is swarming with people and therefore you need to call beforehand and make a reservation.

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Copper and Carpet café-restaurant

In this place, you can have a wonderful time and at the same time enjoy the traditional and interesting design of the restaurant.

Firuz Juice café-restaurant

This is a place for nostalgia, antiques, and tradition. In this place, everything you see and touch takes you back to the past. You can see this in the menus, and even in the names of the foods they serve. The use of real plants and flowers in the cafe is another distinctive feature of this place. The ice creams, in particular, are the best.

Shahrzad restaurant

This place is considered to be one of the oldest restaurants in town, the design is more in tune with the city and its traditional architecture. The locals love this place and consider it the best there is, and that’s enough to keep it running for all this time. Any type of local and foreign food is served here, with the addition of live music.Shahrzad restaurant

Shahrzad restaurant on Google map:

Azam’s Beryani

One of the most popular and most delicious foods in Isfahan is considered to be what the locals call (beryani). This place has the best beryani in town. It’s crowded all day due to the high demand, but the service is fast so nothing to worry about. Also, do not worry about the size of the meal, it may look like a light meal but in fact, it is considered to be a very heavy meal.

Arabo Sandwiches

One of the best sandwich places in Isfahan, this place is located in the Armenian region of the city, near the Vank Cathedral. Not a lot of space inside the shop, but not to worry because actually being outside in that area of the city is a blessing.

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Toranj Complex

This complex was built during the Qajar dynasty, provided the information salvaged during the process of rebuilding this place, it goes back to the beginning of Nasser al-din Shah’s reign. The process of rebuilding this place took four years, and finally now with new additions, it is open to the public. This complex divides into four parts, namely a restaurant, a so-called sharbat khane (juice cleanse), a gallery and a coffee shop. In the restaurant, you can find any local and foreign food, in the sharbat khane. You can get herbal tea or any other medicinal drinks, and in the gallery, you can watch how people dressed up in the Qajar period. A beautiful and exotic experience.

King Jarchibashi restaurant – Malek Soltan Jarchibashi Restaurant

In the year 1382, the process of rebuilding the traditional bathrooms of the estate of king Jarchibashi was started, this project was financed by Haj Seyed Ahmad Eftekhari at a 4 billion and 350 million Toman evaluation, the place was re-opened on 18/12/1390. Currently, this so-called house museum is known as King Jarchibashi restaurant, with the capacity to provide service to a host of customers simultaneously, ranging from 250 to 300.
Malek Soltan Jarchibashi Restaurant

Grandmother restaurant – Grandma’s Table

In this place you can find locally developed foods which have been produced by the people in the area, certainly, your presence will be most welcome by the locals.
More info on: Grandma’s Table website

Khan Gostar Jolfa restaurant

Simply one of the Isfahan’s best restaurants there is, with a unique design and interior. The range of foods available will please any customer.

Qasedak restaurant

A modern and stylish place, features that enhance your experience greatly. Considered to be 14th in the list of best restaurants in Isfahan at

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