Art in the hands of pottery experts (Lalejin)

Pottery has been handed down from generation to generation in Lalin. This is their ancient and traditional art. The products have got good quality and the materials used are good enough to some extent.Lalejin, City of Pottery

Lalejin, City of Pottery

The magnificent landscapes from the hills of Hekmataneh and the palaces of Laodicea are the trademarks of Hamedan. Pottery is still popular in this province and has made it the most important source of income throughout the region. There are around 550 workshops in Hamedan, namely 30 workshops in Malayer, 17 workshops in Turkana, 19 workshops in Razan, 1000 workshops in Laljin, 3 workshops in Dahmamenne, 3 workshops in Dahabardahang, 14 workshops in Nahavand and 56 workshops in Assad Abad. A total of 2408 workshops. More than 6296 people are working in these workshops and are engaged in the production of pottery.

Lalejin, City of Pottery

The most important pottery production center in Hamedan province is Lalejin. Lalin pottery has a worldwide reputation, it is the capital of Iran’s pottery. Lalejin is one of the northern cities in Hamedan province, Based on the census done in2006, Lalejin has a population of 14,724. In this city, the art of Pottery is passed on from generation to generation. The young have continued to inherit the heritage of their fathers. The city has 850 pottery workshops and 250 stores, so in turn, more than 20% of the province’s exports to Hamedan is covered as such.

Lalejin, City of Pottery

From the time human beings got a decent understanding of the universe and moved from nomadic life to sedentism, clay accompanied him. We can say that from the ninth millennia B.C, clay and pottery have been with Homo sapiens all over the world. Homo sapiens began paying more attention to storing food and water and discovered the viscosity and malleability of clay and began making potteries in different shapes. From that time onwards, pottery was gradually developed and made widespread throughout the universe. Lalejin is renowned as Iran’s capital of pottery and from 2017 it has been registered by the brand ‘the Universal City of Clay’.

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Lalejin, City of Pottery

Some of the locals believe the name of the city can be dated back to the Genghis Khan (1162-1227) era. According to them when Genghis Khan’s army passed from Hamedan and entered the present city of Lalejin, they dispatched some of the city’s people to China so that they learn pottery from them. These people returned to Lalejin after learning the craft and since then the city bore the name “Lalejin”. This small but beautiful city is located in Hamedan’s north at a distance of 25 kilometers. It is considered to be one of the important sites for tourist attraction in the Hamedan province.Lalejin, City of Pottery

Due to the historical and cultural background of Hamedan, the province is currently one of the most important centers of expert artisans and artists in Iran, more than 150 cases of handicraft professions are active in Hamedan. For example Pottery, ceramics, woodworks, leather production, carpets, traditional sewing, traditional footwear, stonemasonry, traditional knitwear. These are mostly done by locals. According to the latest statistics, the number of workshops in this province is around 22401 still active, with 43646 personnel altogether. Up to now, 21 of these handicraft professions have been nationally registered.

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