Martian Mountains in Chabahar

The Martian mountains of Chabahar give an amazing view of Iran that evokes an image of planet Mars in one’s mind. The road leading you to the Martian Mountains is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran. Going to the Martian Mountains, you walk into an area that has a great reputation for its sky sight and offers a spectacular view. The presence of a tourist camp near these mountains makes it easy to stay comfortable and composed.
Did you know you can see planet Mars in Iran? Just come to the Chabahar Martian Mountains; a strange and wonderful place that invites you to a space trip. These mountains, which are also known as Miniature Mountains, are considered to be a tourist attraction. If you want to know what we mean by Martian mountains and what attraction we are talking about, come along with us and get to know everything about this attraction.

Martian Mountains

En route to the Martian Mountains

Chabahar itself is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, a quiet place in the vicinity of the Oman Sea, which has a particular climate of its own. From the city thereon, we must get to the city of Goater. On the right, we see the blue sea and the glitter of light in it, it takes our breath away. We continue on this road until we see the pink color of the lake that is called Lipar. The lake that is quite deceiving. Then again, our eyes fall for the beautiful beaches of Oman, and at the middle of the road, we reach the Martian Mountains, where there is a sign for a tourist camp.

Now you are on a road that on one hand has Martian Mountains surrounding you, and on the other side is the fantastic scenery of the beach and the sea and the red sand with shrubs in it. That’s why it is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran and certainly the most beautiful road in the province. This scenery is available only in Chabahar and quite essentially it turns into a beautiful memory.

Another planet in Iran

We are about 35 to 40 kilometers away from Chabahar, and along the road, we see one of the wonders of Iran’s nature, which is known as the Martian Mountains or the Miniature and also known as Kalani or Aria in the local language. Martian Mountains are exactly on the left side of the Chabahar Road to Goater; somewhere in the kahir district of the Konark coastal city.
Martian mountains are colored somewhere between Goldsmith and white, and also during the day, they show different colors. The history of these mountains dates back to 4-5 million years ago, forming a mountain range extending tens of kilometers eastward. This mountain range is formed along the Zagros Mountains and has different altitudes all over; in some places, there are 5 meters of mountains, and at another point, they are suddenly exceeded by a height of 100 meters. The most interesting thing about these mountains is the difficulty to climb them.
Oysters, fish and whale fossils are found in some parts of the area and are considered one of the attractions of the Martian mountains. It is likely that the mountains had once been under in the waters of Oman Sea, or the tide of the sea has brought them to this particular area and left it there.

Fun in the mountains

Enjoy the following activities while traveling to the Martian Mountains:

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Surfing the Area

Traveling to the Martian Mountains is like stepping on another planet. So go there and discover it. Various scenery awaits you in every corner. Give rise to your imagination and go there.


Do not forget your camera or smartphone while traveling to the Martian Mountains. Do not waste the opportunity of a lifetime. So take good pictures on this trip to remember the beautiful effects it had on you.

Watching the night sky

If you can, plan in such a way that you can spend the night near the mountains in the morning or have at least a few minutes of the night there. Miniature Mountains are located in an area with a vast skyline and, according to experts, this allows you to simultaneously view 14 constellations. So if you are an astronomy enthusiast or you want to see the night sky more than ever, just simply spend the night there.

Rock climbing

Perhaps your heart will want to conquer these Martian mountains, why not? If you are familiar with climbing principles and equipment, you can also make this a quite new and different experience.
Where did this masterpiece come from?
The Martian Mountains are geologically considered as a Badland, which makes them worthless for farming or even pasture. It basically means that these are high and dry areas that heavy rains have turned them into deep canyons and valleys. The atmospheric fallout is usually low in these areas, which means they cannot be sufficiently covered by grass or other plants, and thus have become known as Bad Lands.
The grooves and trenches on this sedimentary mountains have been in erosion for thousands of years, which has created such an artistically beautiful image. These mountains have lasted for many years, so weather and climate changes and monsoon rains have had the opportunity to shape them in any way they want. Of course, signs such as the presence of shellfish and debris in these mountains shows that this phenomenon has long existed under the Oman Sea, which is a small part of the Indian Ocean.

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These mountains are composed of calcareous deposits of marine organisms (crustaceans and fish), along with sand and clay, and due to this sedimentary nature and a particular type of erosion, they look like rocks like the surface of planet Mars. Studies show that the texture of the miniaturized mountains is sandstone and marl, and belongs to the third period of geology, 5 to 4 million years ago.
What is the reason for the various forms of this phenomenon?
Various shapes of this phenomenon are caused by the rapid erosion caused by wind and water. This kind of erosion, unlike other types of it, makes the earth full of course lands and takes away the opportunity to grow plants or anything for that matter. In terms of the uneven surface, the seemingly cut off mountain heads add to the scenic wonder.

Vegetation and animals

Because of the structure of the area, there are not many plants, but it can be expected to see some animals and birds and such. Birds like Flamingos, Tawny eagle, Heron, and See-see partridge continue to live near the Martian Mountains and have doubled the beauty of the area.

Best season for travel

Chabahar is always in a state of spring. So you can watch the Martian mountains and other attractions any time you want, just remember that there is no cover near the Martian mountains and the sun is direct so go in the morning or at night.


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