New York Times Advice to American Citizens: Travel to Iran, Jewel of the Middle East!

Iran is forty-fifth a destination that the American newspaper has proposed for a trip in 2019, introducing our country with a presentation of the image of Yazd, which was registered in 2017 as the historic city of the UNESCO World Register, and stated: “With The tensions between Iran and the United States have increased since the arrival of President Trump at the White House, the desire of adventurous tourists to visit Iran is still evident: from ancient Persia to mosques of the great hundreds of years old Shiraz and Isfahan and the great bazaar and Golestan Palace In Tehran

But what made the New York Times newspaper a trip to Iran in 2019 is the presentation of 500 featured works of art, “Portrait, Still Life, and Landscape” from February 21 to April 20 at the Museum of Contemporary Art It is a favorite hangout for Iranian youth.

The New York Times has taken so long ago that the US Department of State has placed Iran at safety level 4 and advised American citizens not to travel to Iran.

But the opinion of a reader of the New York Times is interesting about the proposal to travel to Iran. Ms Norma Lee, who works in the field of tourism, writes: “Thank you for finally endorsing Iran!”

MsNorma Lee said: Thank you for finally acknowledging Iran. I have been leading IranCustomTours for 10 years and have arranged easy, safe tours for hundreds of Americans. Everyone has returned grateful to have seen the “Real Deal” behind the media muddle. In addition to the incredible sites, Iranians are the “most friendly”, as Anthony Bourdain acknowledged. Particularly today, it is important to open communications and be a citizen diplomat.

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