Tabriz, the city that developed through the plenty of up and downs, and witnessed lots of historical events. In the other word, we can say that this city is a living history. Tabriz, also, is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran which is why we want to introduce the tourist attractions of this city. So you will be aware of places which are worth to visit during your next trip. In this article, we are going to provide you some of the less known places in the city.

1. Tabriz “ghovm tappe” desert
Address: Northeast of Tabriz, Sofian
Tabriz is one the most flourishing cities of Iran with an interesting nature, but it might be surprising to you that one of the most picturesque deserts of Iran, Tabriz “ghovm tappe” desert, is located there. The texture of this area has lots of differences from other areas in Tabriz. This place has sandy hills which are created naturally, due to the blowing winds and aggregation of dust and soil in the area. This place is one the tourist attractions of Tabriz that should be visited.

2. “pine shalvar” historical cemetery
Address: “shaadabad mashayekh” village, 6 km of south Tabriz,
In my opinion, do not miss visiting this cemetery. This graveyard is one of the oldest cemeteries that were created almost before Islam. This cemetery has gravestones with three different periods which have made it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tabriz. The first period includes the gravestones that are the same with the graves of the “Khalid Nabi” cemetery, both in terms of period and in appearance. The second period contains rocks which made of gemstone and are similar with the form of the cemetery of “Nane Marlan”, and the third period includes the gravestones with the “Kufi” line that is mentioned the date of death of the buried person.

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  1. i suggest you to travel to Tabriz, it has a nice weather with hospitable people.
    and original history.

  2. Tabriz’s historical bazar is fantastic. I suggest everyone see Tabriz.

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