Caspian Sea


Swan Motel – Motel ghoo

Swan Motel ,The northern cities of Iran are among the most popular destinations for tourists because it has a lot to offer in addition to that, relatively good tourism facilities are another reason to visit these cities. We are also planning to go to the northern part of the country. We want to sit on the beach and watch the waves, and later on maybe go for a walk in the woods, or even go swimming or something. Our destination is Mazandaran province. It has got many attractions and every year it hosts many tourists.
We will stay in a motel that you have all heard its name and maybe even visited it before.

Salman Shahr


One of the destinations we are thinking of on most holidays in the northern regions of the country Kelardasht in Iran; most people consider these areas as summer destinations, but the fact is that the Caspian Sea and the forest and mountain landscape in all seasons have its special fans. Mazandaran province is one of the most popular destinations in the northern strip of the country. It attracts tourists every year from far and near. The joy of seeing the beautiful sea waves somehow forces a lot of people to go to coastal cities and relax on the beaches. Meanwhile, the landscape of forests and the tranquility brings people to the forest areas of this province.Kelardasht