Chabahar Iran


Martian Mountains in Chabahar

The Martian mountains of Chabahar give an amazing view of Iran that evokes an image of planet Mars in one’s mind. The road leading you to the Martian Mountains is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran. Going to the Martian Mountains, you walk into an area that has a great reputation for its sky sight and offers a spectacular view. The presence of a tourist camp near these mountains makes it easy to stay comfortable and composed.
Did you know you can see planet Mars in Iran? Just come to the Chabahar Martian Mountains; a strange and wonderful place that invites you to a space trip. These mountains, which are also known as Miniature Mountains, are considered to be a tourist attraction. If you want to know what we mean by Martian mountains and what attraction we are talking about, come along with us and get to know everything about this attraction.

Martian Mountains