Why one might want to travel to Shiraz?

Some of the best and most famous ancient Iranian attractions are located near the city of Shiraz. Such as Persepolis, Pasargadae and the Tomb of Cyrus, palaces, castles, and cities from the Sassanid era, Naqsh-e Rustam, Naqsh-e Rajab. Some of the top Iranian monuments and architectures are also in this city. Such as Nasir-al-Molk Mosque, Vakil Bath, Atigh Jame’ Mosque, Qur’an Gate, Arg of Karim Khan. Some of the best and most beautiful Iranian gardens are in this city too. Such as Eram Garden, Qavam House, Delgosha Garden, Ghasr-e Dasht. Shiraz is one of the best cities in Iran for shopping, due to numerous, diverse, modern and traditional shopping malls. Shiraz is one of the most prominent cities in Iran. The tomb of some of the most famous Iranian poets is in this city. Such as Hafez, Saadi Shirazi, and Khwaju Kermani. One of the top five tourism cities in Iran. Shiraz is one of the best cities for Medical tourism. One of the most famous cities in Iran in the field of various trade, scientific and medical exhibitions.



Yazd is the place where the world’s first brickwork is located, and of course, it is the second most historic city in the world.The desert city of Iran, the city of boundless historical wonders, a city that has now not a single work but has been universally recorded and put on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We want to go to the city of wind turbines and remember that there are many tourist areas in Yazd. The historic dense texture of this land will allow you to take plenty of attractions in only a few hours and make a special day for yourself. One of the attractions of the city is Amir Chakhmaq Complex which consists of the square, Tekyeh, Mosque, Market and Ab Anbar. The square belongs to the 9th century AH and is one of the most beautiful historical manifestations of this city, where it can be said that it has become a symbol. Amir Chakhmaq is one of the main tourist destinations in Yazd.Yazd