Hengam Island


Hengam Island

Why traveling to Hengam Island is a good idea?

Hengam Island is one of the most spectacular islands in the Persian Gulf. The island hosts beautiful and spectacular dolphins at certain times of the year. The indigenous people there and their traditions are a delight and one of its favorite attractions. On Hengam Island you will find one of the most beautiful and traditional markets in Iran. In clear waters, you can watch fish and aquatic life. Watching crabs closely is an experience you will never forget. On the island, you can also see Egyptian thistles and Chinkaras. When you arrive you must board a boat and experience a fascinating boat ride in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Where is Hengam Island and how big is it? Hengam is the name of a small island in the Persian Gulf two kilometers southeast of Qeshm Island.

The island is 9 kilometers long and six kilometers wide, it is about 33.6 square kilometers in size and looks like an incomplete cone. This small island with its very simple appearance has a lot to offer. One of the first things you must try is sailing in the waters of the Persian Gulf and the rest follows suit. This island has three villages, namely the Old Hengam and the New Hengam or (Mashi) and Ghil. Knox Mountain, 106 meters high, is the highest point on the island. The longest diameter of the island is 9 km long from the old village to the new village and the shortest is 5 km long. There is no commotion on this island, there is no street and no car at all. The people are kind, simple and calm and generous. Everything here is ready, in order for you to experience peace and quiet and create memorable memories.