Iran’s Forests


The nature of Mazandaran is full of surprises and Valasht Lake in Marzanabad is one of them. A place that attracts many tourists every year and enchants everyone with its beauty and tranquility. If you are a nature lover, you will plan your trip by seeing a photo of this lake and arrange to visit it at the earliest opportunity. Come with us as we take you on a journey that leads to this attraction. Furthermore, we will talk about the beauty of this lake and we’ll tell you how to get there.

Mazichal village

Mazichal village is the fog in the region and the spectacular clouds of this climate create a strange sort of daydream.
The forest is pristine, the mountains are strenuous, clouds thick, lush plains and colorful woods plus the mountain winds which are ever present. Sometimes the rain, in the pleasant silence of nature, makes you wonder as if you were part of nature itself.

Most people in Iran love the cities and villages in the northern parts of the country because of its beautiful nature, which is why most of the time they travel there. Although the number of these villages is so high that it is not possible to visit all of them.
Today, we plan to make a virtual trip to one of these villages and plan for a real trip to this beautiful, unique countryside.

Qeshm Island

The largest island in Iran and one which attracts a large number of tourists year round.
The natural wonders in Qeshm somehow relate to the mythical narratives and stories told by the locals. In terms of wildlife, Qeshm is the habitat for a number of scarce species of animals. Some of these animals are unfortunately near extinction.
Qeshm has no shortage of wondrous monuments. Some of them have been dubbed as the “seven wonders”, but what is it that really separates them from the rest?
Qeshm Island

Elimalat Lake

This time we go to the lush forests in northern Iran, where Elimalat  Lake is located. We go past Nur County and head towards Kashpel jungle. In the thick of the forest lies a beautiful lake. The place is considered to be a dam but it is known to locals as Lake Alimalat. The dam is located at an altitude of 125 meters above sea level. Many tourists from other parts of the country come to visit this wonderful patch of land.Eliminate Lake

Swan Motel – Motel ghoo

Swan Motel ,The northern cities of Iran are among the most popular destinations for tourists because it has a lot to offer in addition to that, relatively good tourism facilities are another reason to visit these cities. We are also planning to go to the northern part of the country. We want to sit on the beach and watch the waves, and later on maybe go for a walk in the woods, or even go swimming or something. Our destination is Mazandaran province. It has got many attractions and every year it hosts many tourists.
We will stay in a motel that you have all heard its name and maybe even visited it before.

Salman Shahr


Today we go on a sightseeing trip to the wonderful parts of our beloved country. the beautiful city of Ramsar in the province of  Mazandaran. there is not much need to talk about the city because it is a well-known place in Iran. Using a beautiful and spectacular video of the city, we plan to inform you of this wondrous nature. Stay with us. The sky is in turbulence with the fog, there are small and large waterfalls in the mountains, newly opened flowers and a landscape that reminds you of Paradise. The sky is covered with white and dense clouds, and the rivers are as turbulent as ever.
We will talk about all the seasons in this city; from the white color of the winter to the warmth of autumn, from spring green to summer heat, and at the end we talk about the sea. After enjoying the tranquil scenery, we will go to the mountains and watch the colorful pine forests from above. The mountains that are covered in green, and clouds that are undoubtedly one of the most recurring scenes you’ve ever seen. The colorful sky at sunset is yet another glimpse of this nature. Do not hesitate to watch this beautiful presentation.

Iran’s Forests

Nature in Iran is at its peak when it comes to forests, especially during sprint time. In this article, we are going to introduce some of the most amazing forests in Iran. Iran’s forests are considered to be one of a kind mostly because of diverse vegetation and animal species discovered in these locations. Forests are always among the most popular natural attractions for spending free time.
Iran’s Forests