Kandovan Village

Kandovan Village is One of the few manmade cliff dwellings in the world where people still live the traditional life. The special atmosphere in the Village is mesmerizing, mostly because it is so archaic. People’s lifestyle in this particular village is different from many other villages in Iran. The climate, natural environment, and the mountainous environment is another reason to travel to this amazing village.
Due to the geographical condition of Iran, there is diversity in every aspect of life. The vegetation, animals, and climate alongside with architectural, agricultural and lifestyle aspects. The specific characteristics of each region have affected its architecture and construction, making the north, south, center and mountainous regions of Iran different in terms of shape in proportion to their surroundings. Of course, today, due to new architectural methods, most of the buildings in our country have become similar in appearance. The chaos of luxury houses, shopping malls, hotels, has spread to most of the cities in Iran but hearing that people are still living traditionally and without luxuries and glamor of today’s life is very strange and interesting.

Kandovan Village
We want to talk about a village that is spectacular and interesting in every aspect. Our destination is the historic Kandovan village; a vibrant exhibition of life among rocks and, the birthplace of man and nature, and the best example of companionship and simplicity.
East Azerbaijan province is full of wonders and attractions; from the monuments of Tabriz, Maragheh and Jolfa to the rivers, forests and mountainous forests that immerse the province in beauty and glory. Meanwhile, Kandovan has another story. A village in Osku County that goes back quite a lot, and a special architecture that makes it a wonder.
Kandovan village is located on the slopes of Mount Sultan Daghi, in the heart of Sahand mountain range. This village was created over time due to lava and molten materials left over from the volcanic eruptions of Sahand Mountain, and of course human interference. Kandovan is one of the few villages in Iran and the world, along with Cappadocia villages in Turkey, Dakota in the United States, and Meymand village in Kerman that have this particular form of architecture. However, today only the two villages of Meymand and Kandovan have residents, and the rest are mostly vacant. Kandovan has a height of 2,200 meters from the sea level, Kandovan River flows along the village and it is part of the Sahand Rural District.
Kandovan village was registered on the list of Iran’s national monuments due to its architecture and the lifestyle of its people with the registration number 1857, on May 15, 1997.

Kandovan Village