Kish Island

One of the most popular destinations in Iran; an extraordinary island located in the Persian Gulf. The island is known best for recuperation and relaxing. People mostly choose this island because of its calm and ever engaging environment. You can start off by taking a sunbath and move on to take a stroll down the shore in order to help you relax. If you like shopping, then you can go to one of the many modern shopping centers on the island they have a variety of good quality items at reasonable prices. After that, you can simply visit Kariz Underground City or head off to watch the Greek Ship. These historical monuments are an integral part of this incredible islandKish Island
The places we’ve mentioned have their own unique characteristics, yet there are a lot of places on this island in which you can have fun. The most exciting part of your trip can be the Persian Gulf and its immense beauty. If you are set on being inland for this trip, we strongly recommend you to change your mind because the things you can see in the Persian Gulf are out of this world.

Kish Island

Kish Island which is a trade-industrial free zone has a lot of potentials to be your preferred destination. Scuba diving and exploring the coral reefs of The Persian Gulf is one of many things that this place has to offer. You can take a sunbath and read a book while you’re at it, at the same time you can easily get a tan.
Kish is a small island in the Persian Gulf, one of many, and it’s considered to be one the most beautiful islands in the world that has a coral reef.
In this island, the beaches steal the show. Kish is not considered to be a big island, in terms of land it covers 92 kilometers, and the interesting thing is that it is full of beaches where you can go and swim in the clear and blue waters of the Persian Gulf.
One of the features of the coral reefs is that they clear the water and make it crystal clear. In regards to this particular island this is not an exception, so you can enjoy the clear waters and the world it uncovers.
The interesting thing about Iran is that you can be on an island and you can still enjoy a glorious visit to a world heritage site which dates back to more than two millennia. The record of Iranians inhabiting this island goes back to The Achaemenid Empire, so you can be sure that beauty and history go hand in hand on this one.
The remaining’s of an ancient Qanat (aqueduct) has been turned into an underground city and museum for public display. Kariz-e kish is the name of the aqueduct.
The Qanat system was originally made in an attempt to adapt to arid and hostile climates, five to six thousand years ago, long before the emergence of Roman aqueducts.
Qanats are by definition a hydraulic water guidance system consisting of multiple vertical wells that have a gentle slope witch filters and guides water towards the arid areas.
Kariz-e Kish or Kish Qanat was built around 2500 years ago in order to provide drinking water for the inhabitants at the time. It’s fair to say that 10000 square meters of tunnels, created with about 16meters of depth, under a coral reef, is not something you can easily manage, but amazingly they have done the impossible and ripped through the core of the island. A good Qanat is supposed to start from somewhere high and go downwards from thereon, so it can gradually get water down to the valleys. Interesting to know that Kish Island doesn’t have an area with high elevation, but nonetheless the Qanat in this island is considered to be one of the best in Iran.
One of the features of this Qanat is the fact that it is situated in the coral ground. The coral reef serves as a purifier, but the wonderful thing is that when you walk in this somewhat underground city, which is very cold by the way, you notice fossils of turtles and shells and other creatures from almost 500 to 600 million years ago.

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