Mazandaran province


Elimalat Lake

This time we go to the lush forests in northern Iran, where Elimalat  Lake is located. We go past Nur County and head towards Kashpel jungle. In the thick of the forest lies a beautiful lake. The place is considered to be a dam but it is known to locals as Lake Alimalat. The dam is located at an altitude of 125 meters above sea level. Many tourists from other parts of the country come to visit this wonderful patch of land.Eliminate Lake

Travel to the ocean of cloud

Sometimes it is necessary to set aside our thoughts and concerns, in order to give our minds a chance to renew and return to life again.
That’s why we are going to take you on a relaxing and refreshing journey today. We will travel to one of the most beautiful villages in Iran. Today’s destination is the village of Filband in Mazandaran province; a spectacular village with a view from the clouds will give you the energy that has long been lost and makes you feel good again. Follow us on this trip.


Today we go on a sightseeing trip to the wonderful parts of our beloved country. the beautiful city of Ramsar in the province of  Mazandaran. there is not much need to talk about the city because it is a well-known place in Iran. Using a beautiful and spectacular video of the city, we plan to inform you of this wondrous nature. Stay with us. The sky is in turbulence with the fog, there are small and large waterfalls in the mountains, newly opened flowers and a landscape that reminds you of Paradise. The sky is covered with white and dense clouds, and the rivers are as turbulent as ever.
We will talk about all the seasons in this city; from the white color of the winter to the warmth of autumn, from spring green to summer heat, and at the end we talk about the sea. After enjoying the tranquil scenery, we will go to the mountains and watch the colorful pine forests from above. The mountains that are covered in green, and clouds that are undoubtedly one of the most recurring scenes you’ve ever seen. The colorful sky at sunset is yet another glimpse of this nature. Do not hesitate to watch this beautiful presentation.


One of the destinations we are thinking of on most holidays in the northern regions of the country Kelardasht in Iran; most people consider these areas as summer destinations, but the fact is that the Caspian Sea and the forest and mountain landscape in all seasons have its special fans. Mazandaran province is one of the most popular destinations in the northern strip of the country. It attracts tourists every year from far and near. The joy of seeing the beautiful sea waves somehow forces a lot of people to go to coastal cities and relax on the beaches. Meanwhile, the landscape of forests and the tranquility brings people to the forest areas of this province.Kelardasht