Pink lake


Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of colored lakes around the world, but do you know that the Chabahar lagoon is one of them? Pink lake , also known as Chabahar Pink Lake, is one of Chabahar’s spectacular attractions in southern Iran. If you want to know where the lagoon is and how you can reach it, or how it came about and why it’s colorful, continue to stay in touch with us to get to know more.

Chabahar Pink Lake

A unique lake in Iran and the world. A pink lake is not something you can see everywhere and only a few countries have it. Chabahar pink lake is a good destination for bird watching. The marbled duck which is in danger of extinction is also located on site.
You can see many beauties as you go from Chabahar to Gwadar bay. It does not take long to reach Ramin village, and after that pink waters attract your attention. This is the lagoon in question, located in a village of the same name and known as the pink lake of Chabahar. A lagoon spawned from the stagnation of water from Oman Sea between two mountains has created an interesting ecosystem. The lake is located in a rocky strait overlooking the mountain and offers an eye-catching view. You might think it’s some sort of milkshake but in fact, it is one of the world’s most salty waters with a beautiful and deceptive appearance. During winter the lake covers a distance of about 10 hectares and more than 14 kilometers of it also gets over flooded.

There are not many facilities available around the lake and due to that, the site seems very neat. Occasionally, sea oysters and sea salt are sold by the locals and in other parts of the region, locals are collecting salt from the lake in real time. Despite all its simplicity, the lake is at the height of its glory and beauty. This phenomenon is limited in number around the world: Lake Hillier, Blue Lagoon, Spencer Lake in Australia, Lake Retba in Senegal and lakes located in South Africa, Vancouver and Bolivia plus this one which is in Iran. The pink water reaches the yellow coast, and in combination with the greenery of plants and the sky’s blue, it presents a picture to the viewer not seen anywhere else.