The northern provinces of Iran are located along the Caspian Sea. Provinces that live in the shadow of rainforests and foothills. An unrivaled nature covers it beautifully but its history always shines through. We want to go to one of these provinces, which, with his name, cries of liberation and freedom from Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali, resonates in our minds and hearts. The local colorful clothes of the people will be a spectacular sight to see plus the smell of grilled fish which is a trademark for this particular region.
Today, Gilan is our destination, a place that has a strange combination of history and nature and culture. A region that looks like a rainbow with seven-color sights. If you feel down a bit you can go to the forests or get to the sky at its heights and peaks. The desire to hear the music of the sea waves will take you to the coast of the Caspian Sea.
If you have the cravings of walking in the streets of the village or at the heart of history, you can simply go to Gilan and enjoy it. This time, we will introduce the province and will head to every corner of it in the future and we will depict all the spectacular scenery later on.