Top events in Iran


I. There ’s lack of tourists during this time in winter since most parts of Iran in the west will be covered in snow and it’s not possible to use the mountain roads. Also in the winter deserts are very cold at nights and on the contrary, they are pleasant and sunny in the daylight.
II. When to ski in Alborz Mountains
The perfect periods for skiing are January and February; although there exist more than 20 ski fields in this country, the best is Dizin and Shemshak for they are near Tehran, the snow is amazing and it’s not expensive.

In the first section, we outlined January-May: Top events in Iran month by month

Near the end of spring and getting hotter as days go by, but if you’re interested in any town in the Khuzestan County know that the weather is different around there, and although everywhere in the country the weather is cold, in Khuzestan it is not, but don’t get cold feet it’s still a good time to visit.