Zanjan province


Human intelligence and creativity have long played a pivotal role in artistic architecture to create different structures on the planet. This art is displayed in a specific way anywhere around the world in the form of a variety of buildings.
Iran is no stranger to this form of art, and in turn, there is an extraordinary and amazing work of art on display in every corner of the country. Some of these works are so diverse and unique that they attract the attention of people around the world and they are considered as a universally acclaimed work of art. Hearing the names of these works on an international level makes us proud and happy.
We want to go to a city in Iran which has one of these world-famous works and embraces an important part of Iranian culture and history. We are going to Zanjan province and we are going to visit the historic city of Soltanieh which dates back to a long time ago.
In the corner of this city lies a dome of turquoise colors, such as a glittering star drawing the attention of all that set eyes on it. Together, we will set our eyes on it and go towards the universally acclaimed Soltanieh dome.