I. There ’s lack of tourists during this time in winter since most parts of Iran in the west will be covered in snow and it’s not possible to use the mountain roads. Also in the winter deserts are very cold at nights and on the contrary, they are pleasant and sunny in the daylight.
II. When to ski in Alborz Mountains
The perfect periods for skiing are January and February; although there exist more than 20 ski fields in this country, the best is Dizin and Shemshak for they are near Tehran, the snow is amazing and it’s not expensive.

I. This month is usually counted as the coldest time of the year, so it is only a pleasant vacation for skiing otherwise it’s not worth it. February has also some special events and ceremonies.
II. International Fajr Theatre Festival
It is known as the standpoint of Iran’s Theater of the year; (www.fadjrtheaterfestival.com; Jan or Feb), the plays are usually performed in Theatre Shahr (City Theatre) or Iranshahr Theatre in Tehran.
III. The glorious victory of the Islamic Republic of Iran
The 10 Days of Dawn or as Iranians call it Dahe-ye-Fajr, is between 1st and 11th of February, it is actually a celebration for the returning of Ayatollah Khomeini to Iran in 1979 and the fall of the king’s government. The festival is mostly about speeches and nationalist demonstrations all over the country.

Everybody leaves for vacation during the first two weeks of this month which is also called No Ruz or the Iranian New Year, it is also the beginning of spring. Banks and offices and also most of Iran is closed during this time while hotels are full and roads are crowded.
I. Chahar shanbeh- soori
This ceremonial event happens on the last Tuesday night of the year when Iranians sing, dance and jump over fires in order to remove bad luck from their lives which is an old tradition of this day.
II. No Ruz

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Another huge ceremony which Iranians take so seriously is the pre-Islamic event of No Ruz; it is exactly on March 21st and its importance is so similar to the Western Christmas. No Ruz is a very big holiday for Iranians so most of them leave Tehran and visit other cities or country for two whole weeks.

April still counts as Iranian No Ruz and the weather is still perfect, yet in this time people get back to work so this month and the next are high season for foreign travelers, so it’s important to reserve flights and hotels earlier.
I. Islamic Republic Day
April the first is a national holiday for celebrating the day people established the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979. Like Fajr, there are speeches, rallies and military parades.
II. Fajr International Film Festival
This festival has been newly moved to April, it was previously held in February, and it features Iranian along with international films and the red-carpet events in about 20 cinemas in Tehran. (www.fajriff.com/en/; Apr)

I. In this month the temperature is a little higher but it’s still the peak season to travel there since wildflowers bloom from the west to the northeast while the weather is becoming hotter every day near the Persian Gulf.
II. Ramadan
This month is actually in the lunar calendar in which Muslims are supposed to abstain from eating or drinking, including water and smoking, from dawn to dusk; while people may become a bit short tempered during this month, it would be fine and it falls in May or April in a few years.

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