If you are looking for the verity of the food from traditional Persian dishes like Iranian national dish
“kebab” to the worldwide know dishes, Tehran the capital of Iran is the right place for your taste.
Here are the 10 best restaurant in Tehran:

With fresh and modern interior that matches its dishes ,BIX (part of the most well know restaurant companies “the Monson Group”) is the right place for every one that seeks to have a light yet refreshing dishes like grilled salmon , avocado and crème Fraiche on crispy potato pancakes or grilled jumbo shrimp in an elegant courtyard area that’s a perfect option for summer nights of Tehran.

Café shemroon
Café shemroon is a little dinner with a quiet and enchanting environment that is mostly known for its amazing breakfast and some say it has the best cakes in the capital. The café also serves coffee with a slice of carrot cake or iced tea and a filling burger or lasagna in ane elegant garden that take your breath away.

Terrace and Bix are like twins. Terrace, like Bix, serves Californian foods with an open-air balcony (that’s why it was named Terrace) and beautiful and modern interiors. You can start your meal with the appetizer like squid fritti with marinara sauce and lemon caper aioli .for the main course, steak and brie with creamy sautéed mushroom is a magnificent choice.

the name of the Alborz restaurant comes from the mountain that contains the northern edge of Tehran.
Alborz was established in 1967 and it is famous for its high quality and exquisite kebab dishes throughout the city of Tehran and also it has an atmosphere full of soul and life in it these unique things makes the restaurant special than other restaurants.
Other than kebab dishes this restaurant also includes seafood dishes and steak and they are tasty in their own ways but since their main dishes are kebabs you must try their kebabs especially their chelow kebab that it is served with steamed basmatior Persian infused with saffron rice and it so delicious that if you try it even for once you never forget its delicious taste so I highly recommend it.

Tamasha is another part of the monsoon group that it contains a variety of international dishes such as teriyaki chicken, crispy shrimp that it fits everyone’s tastes.
Tamasha restaurant also serves local foods such as joujeh kebab that it is a grilled chicken often marinated in onion, lemon juice, and saffron.
This restaurant serves a special kind of kebab named kebab barg that it is marinated in olive oil, onions, garlic, saffron, salt and black pepper.
What makes this restaurant special is its high quality of decoration and its breathtaking and astonishing artwork.

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Bistango restaurant is built inside the ramtin hotel and this restaurant was found and established in 2004.
This restaurant exceeds in giving an international dining experience in Tehran and what makes them boast about it is that they have their own experienced team for serving the food and also they have their trump card that none the less is the professional chef named larry green wood.
The thing that makes the restaurant itself interesting and it makes the restaurant look stylish is that they contain two kinds of dining rooms that each of them define different purposes.
One room is decorated in a classic style and it’s the main dining hall and the other one is bastingo blue that it is kinda a VIP dining room that can sum up to 20 guests.
This international restaurant includes such as leek and potato soup or spinach and mixed fruit salad with a ginger dressing, also you can order entress beef ribs with a mushroom risotto and a demi_glace sauce

leon restaurant was not actually found by Iranians, as a matter of fact, it was established by a group of Italians.
Leon has three branches throughout in Tehran and among these three the one at sam center is famous and popular between people.
The starting of the first branch of the restaurant began in the mid-1960s but in 2010 they went under some changes.
As soon as the changing in decorations ended they claimed that they have the most exquisite and beautiful surroundings among the best restaurants.
Along with the changes of the decorations that have made the restaurant look chic with a romantic atmosphere they also have updated their menu of dishes into authentic and modern-day Italian foods.
Their updated menu starts with an appetizer that contains beef carpaccio with lemon, olive oil, and parmesan, or also you can go with a simple and of course fresh Caprese salad of mozzarella, tomato, and basil followed by a creamy carbonara pasta with bacon, garlic, and parmesan.

monsoon has been established since 1988 and has always been a major place for a dining scene in the capital for over 15years.
Through these over 15 years that they had worked they got popular among Tehran diners for their fresh and its high quality Asian foods and they claim that they have an outstanding and not compatible servicing among the restaurants and its menu of foods contains all kinds of seafood and pacific-rim cuisine.
With its ability to provide an exceptional dining service, it always ensures costumers to come back for dining in the restaurant again.
For start and as an appetizer you can try the baby shrimp and avocado salad with mixed greens and a miso vinaigrette followed by the cashew chicken with a red chill, garlic, and pineapple.
Also in their menu, you can try a lighter bite of nigiri sushi available with salmon,prawnor crab, followed by an interesting dessert of mango spring rolls with coconut ice cream.

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If you want to enjoy eating your meals in a restaurant with a modern and luxurious style then you have made the right decision for choosing the divan restaurant.
The inner place of the restaurant is decorated with a black and white theme and with interesting and awesome turquoise accents.
The restaurant also has a variety of colors in its Persian artwork and with a beautiful lighting and finally the last thing the restaurant has and it makes the costumers speechless with a lot of breathtaking pressure is its the view of Alborz mountains in the distance.
This restaurant serves foods such as a baked or fried stuffed bun with barberries and herbs, also this restaurant offers a special food that the restaurant itself highly recommends it that it’s the oven-roasted quail in a lemon marinade served with couscous.

This restaurant offers traditional Persian dishes along with its lively and cheerful atmosphere.
This restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Tehran.
Considering the facts that it is popular among locals and visitors and its smallness reservation is always a must.
The name of the restaurant comes from the Gilan province in northern Iran and with a rich culinary history that it makes an inspiration for its menu making.
Although the restaurant’s foods are expensive but actually the foods are so delicious and mouth melting that by considering these good things its well worth it.
To visitors and tourists that go dining in the Gilan restaurant I highly recommend them to eat their kebab torsh that it’s a beef kebab dish that is marinated in crushed walnuts, pomegranate molasses, parsley, garlic and olive oil, also you can eat their sabzi polo, a dish made from rice, finely chopped herbs and fish.


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