In this article, we are going to introduce Towbiroun Valley. This beautiful valley is located in Sardasht County near Dezful City and its pristine nature is quite spectacular. In this article, we will tell you about the path leading to the valley and why it is called Towbiroun, so come along with us and see where the valley is.

Towbiroun Valley

Towbiroun Valley has tight walls all around it, ones that will make this trip pretty spectacular. Due to the narrow space in the Towbiroun Valley and the presence of water, the weather inside the valley is much cooler than outside.
We go to Dezful and drive 20 km to the east in order to reach this amazing valley. It is known for its cool and pleasant weather, where it takes away any fevers and cools down the body. When you enter the Towbiroun Valley you will encounter a long and rough corridor that ends with big rocks at the end. The walls of the cliffs are full of water and wild plants that have come out of the stones, and sometimes reach up to 100 meters in height. It seems that the material that formed the valley is sandstone or conglomerate which is itself formed due to water erosion over a long period of time.

This beautiful natural phenomenon is the result of thousands of years of erosion. In times of drought, the depth of the Towbiroun Valley acts as a drain and sucks off the groundwater. After the accumulation of water in the valley, the water flows quite easily whereas there are two small and very beautiful waterfalls along the Towbiroun Valley These special natural conditions in the valley make its temperature stay between 20 to 25 degrees lower, even when the temperature outside the valley is 40 degrees or more. This difference in temperature for the people living in the south of the country is a blessing, and this is why the Towbiroun Valley is also a part of Dezful.

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In this section, we want to introduce you to the entertainment that you can experience in this amazing valley.

Walking and playing with water

You have traveled for quite some time and you are hot and in search of a shadow to save you from the heat and some water to cool you down, this valley is the best place for you without a shadow of a doubt. When you enter the valley, after a short walk, the cool wind will hit your face and invites you inside. The further you go, the Towbiroun Valley will show you more beautiful things from wild figs and grapes to green mosses that color the walls, and even the droplets of water occasionally hitting your face. The water in the Towbiroun Valley is quite low and you will not get wet all the way, so do not worry.

The water in the valley is full of tiny and big fish that may tickle your legs or pass you by without contact. The interesting thing about this valley is that its smaller passageways are so cool that you can go within them to get even more cold weather, these passages are good places for relaxing and camping. As you go towards the end of the Towbiroun Valley, after 1 hour of walking, you will get to a water dripping wall called the grove, which, if you pass from under it, will make you completely wet.


The beauty in this village is not over yet and the more you look at it, you see more of it. So take out your camera or mobile phone and take pictures of rocks, droplets of water from the rocks and small and large lizards that sometimes stick their heads out of the rocks, and take pictures of the beautiful valley.

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The best season for traveling

Spring and summer: regardless of the weather outside the valley, spring and summer (May to September) are the best seasons to go to the valley because you can experience a 15-degree temperature difference with the outside of the Towbiroun Valley.
Fall and winter: If you go to the valley during fall or winter, you might think the weather outside is colder, but the weather inside the valley is much colder, which is quite treacherous, and you get wet from the water so we do not recommend this season.

The reason behind the name

The name is composed of two words “Tow” and “Biroun”. The word “Tow” in the local dialect of the south means “fever,” and the word “Biroun” means getting rid of or resolving something, so this valley is essentially a place for dealing with fevers and hot weather. In the past, locals came to the valley for its healing properties and believed that the valley’s water had therapeutic properties.
Another interesting point about the valley is the similarity of its entrance with Petra, which is one of the most important tourist attractions located in Jordan.


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