Citadel of Bam

Citadel of Bam To the south-east of Kerman, in the midst of an endless desert, lies the ever-green city of Bam. This city with its extensive palm groves and citrus gardens was essentially an agricultural city, benefiting from very rich water reserves. Citadel of Bam

The citrus fruits of Bam are well-known and its dates have universal fame. But Bam is well-known for different aspects of it. The ancient citadel and the ruins of the ancient town around it. This is one of the most splendid historical sites in the world and it is a remarkable example of earthen architecture. The citadel displays two thousand years of dramatic and eventful history. Presumably, the foundation of Bam goes back to the late or mid-Parathion era.

Citadel of Bam

There are some signs, like some parathion coins in which indicate that the nucleus part of the town and the citadel belonged to the Parathion era. In the complex, the structures were entirely composed of unfired earthen construction. Even arches, vaults, and domes were constructed of sun-dried bricks.Citadel of Bam

It was said that the main citadel in the fortress was destroyed and a fire-temple was built in it instead. And it is believed that the temple was turned into the existing main observation tower in the Islamic period. This famous citadel and strategic stronghold built on a huge rock and covers an area of six square kilometers.

Citadel of Bam

The citadel enclosed with a fence. The Citadel is located at the center of the city, which is the highest point of it. The ceiling of the central part was covered with a dome and ornamented with beautiful stucco and lattice windows. It is the second splendid construction in the world and made of sun-dried bricks. The Cultural Heritage Organization has the responsibility for maintaining and repairing the citadel. Most of the city was in ruins after the earthquake. Restoration work carried out over the past years.Citadel of Bam

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