Travel to the ocean of cloud

Sometimes it is necessary to set aside our thoughts and concerns, in order to give our minds a chance to renew and return to life again.
That’s why we are going to take you on a relaxing and refreshing journey today. We will travel to one of the most beautiful villages in Iran. Today’s destination is the village of Filband in Mazandaran province; a spectacular village with a view from the clouds will give you the energy that has long been lost and makes you feel good again. Follow us on this trip.

Why this particular village?

It is one of the most beautiful villages in Mazandaran province.
On the trip to this village, you can enjoy the fantastic natural scenery around you.
One of the attractions of the trip to this village is taking photos of sunrise and sunset, and the clouds that surround the valley.
Here you can experience rain, hail, and snow on a spring day and enjoy rainbow and sunshine altogether.

Filband Village

Northern Iran is very beautiful. A lush country, which in every corner of its nature, exhibits a magic beauty. Among these sights, which have become popular in recent years, the Filband village in Mazandaran province stands out. Filband is vacant in winter because of the cold and severe snowfall. Only a few the people will remain in the village during winter. The height of 2300 meters makes it the highest village in the eastern part of the province of Mazandaran, and many mention it as the Eastern roof of Mazandaran.
The most important and attractive feature of this village is the clouds that cover most of the village and give it an extraordinary perspective. Many tourists come to this village to watch these clouds and return home with a fantastic view of the city.


The best thing to do when traveling to this village is to take pictures of the various landscapes of this pristine nature but Most of all, the clouds are attracting tourists to take pictures. The ocean of clouds that slowly passes in front of their eyes. Alongside this view, the sunrise and sunset over the mountains and forests are spectacular, hence creating an impeccable imagery. We will try not to spoil anything else. This beauty should only be visited and experienced.

Visiting the nature of the village

It’s a pity to come all this way, but stay home and do not experience the nature of this area at its best. Leave the house and become one with nature. Watching the local people and observing their daily routine can make this trip worthwhile. One of the paths you can take to explore is the path leading to the village of Sang Chal.

Mountain Climbing

One of the attractions that various groups of tourists experience on a journey to the village is mountain climbing. In this section, we will examine two popular climbing paths in Filband.

Travel season

The best time to travel to Filband is during spring and summer when the heat turns into a cool and pleasant breeze and makes it quite bearable.
Spring: Alongside the fascinating features of the village, its climate has made it even more special in spring. This season, you will be surprised by the rain and snow, the hail and sunlight, the rainbow and the wind all happening in one day. In short, during spring you will be surprised by the state of conditions in Mazandaran province. Due to this particular feature, FL band is also known as the Four Seasons Village.
Summer: the weather is not too hot and at times possibly cold. The scenery alone will make you forget all your troubles.
Autumn: it is quite cold and unbearable for locals and tourists alike. The village will be almost vacant during this particular season.
Winter: very cold and treacherous. No one can stay in the village during this time of year.Filband

Why is it called Filband?

There are two narrations about the name; some believe that since the weather in this region is very cold and overwhelming in the winter, no elephant can survive here, hence the name (elephant Stopper). But since there were no elephants in Iran, it was not credited. In another narrative, it is also stated that the word Fel in the linguistic dialect of locals means ‘fatigue’, and the word Band has the meaning of ‘overwhelming’.
Since the route to the village is very hard to walk, due to its high altitude and steep hills, it is known for this particular name. Some people still call the village by the name of Feb and or (elephant Stopper).

Filband weather:


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