Is it safe for women to visit Iran?
Undoubtedly the answer is yes if they follow some rules. All women must follow the defined dress codes for women which are wearing a headscarf with covered arms and legs without any
bareness when they are in public places. For more comfort, there is also gender separation in public transports. By following these laws women will not generally have any issues. As a visitor, you will be invited to many people’s houses for dinner or lunch that presents Iranian’s hospitality and commonly is a sign of respect to the guest. However, there isn’t any obligation to accept these offers.

Is it safe to travel to Iran at present?
One of the main worries that people thinking about it when they are going to travel to Iran is that “is it safe to travel to Iran?” the answer is yes. Although the recent insurgency of some groups such as ISIS has enhanced their fears, Iran is one of the safest places in the Middle East to travel to. To be honest, some areas of the country, especially border regions with Afghanistan and Iraq, are called high-risk areas by Western governments and are not generally recommended as a traveling destination.

Can you travel to Iran as an unmarried couple?
Yes! This is such an assumed problem instead of a real one for most travelers. There isn’t any problem with this issue. As a foreigner couple, you can ask for any type of accommodation. Most hotels, like everyone else, won’t ask about your relationship status. In the case that they do, it is up to each traveler to decide how to respond but no proof of marriage is required. In the worst condition, you might be required to take separate rooms but this is almost infeasible, specifically for foreign travelers. But you should know that unmarried Persian couples are not allowed to get a common hotel room. If you’re married to an Iranian, it would better to carry your marriage certificate and passport with
you as a proof of marriage.

Will my cell phone, smartphone or PDA device work in Iran?
For the answer, you must Contact your cellular phone operator to specify if your phone operates on the Global System for
Mobile Communications (GSM) or not and how, if any, some activation settings may be required.

Can I bring medication?
You can bring your prescription or over-the-counter medications (nonprescription medicines) to Iran, but it is recommended to carry them in their original bottles or packaging.

Is there Internet access in Iran?
You can get access to the Internet in Iran, although it is not in good condition and high speed. Also, free WIFI is offered in the
hotels, however, it may not be dependable or up to the standards you are expected. You should be aware that some websites are not accessible in Iran and for access to them you must use some kinds of VPNs. Some of the social networking website and Messenger Apps such as Facebook and Twitter are also banned
in Iran. For other social media like WhatsApp and Instagram, there isn’t any restriction.

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Can you use a credit card in Iran?
Because of some financial sanctions, international credit cards do not currently work in Iran, then the best form of using the money for travelers is carrying cash in Iran currency (Iranian Rial).

Can you backpack in Iran?
Backpacking, as a trip style, is not as well known in Iran as in Europe or Australia, so there aren’t any specific hostels for
backpackers but this does not mean backpacking is impossible, there are some amenities that make backpacking ideal. for example, you can take rooms at budget hotels For 20 to 40 US dollars a night which include breakfast. As a guest, you can also expect to be offered food that refers to Iranians hospitality. You should know that hitchhiking is not very common in Iran and few people may know about that, then don’t expect people to know what you are looking for. remember the thumbs up sign in Iran has a bad message and is a symbol of disrespect.

What are the best Islands to visit in Iran?
There isn’t a specific answer to this question. There are some beautiful islands in Iran which are all located in the south of the country. Each one has different attractions and it really depends on your desire. For a luxury vacation with all modern facilities, Kish Island is the best one to visit. It is an amazing seaside resort which is surrounded by many hotels, shopping centers, malls, and stunning beaches. Kish island is also famous for its water
recreation like scuba diving, flyboard, parasel and …

For wonderful natural beauty, Qeshm island is absolutely the best choice since has been affected less by tourists. there are
many pristine valleys, fabulous colorful mountains and also strange wildlife on this island that admire everyone.

How can I get a travel insurance to Iran?
In some countries, travel insurance for Iran is as same as traveling somewhere else. Because of some travel warnings to Iran in some countries, companies may not cover Iran. Just make sure to be informed that the company which is provided your policy covers Iran too, otherwise there are travel insurance companies which are specialized in insurance to areas considered ‘high risk’. As an alternative, you can buy travel insurance from Iranian companies at the airport at a low fee.

Do I need a visa for travel to Iran? And how hard is to get an Iranian visa?
This completely depends on your nationality. Citizens of about 60 countries are not required for a visa to enter Iran for traveling means. The other countries citizens can get a visa on arrival from the main airports in Iran. This type of visas is only valid for the stay of 15 days. However, for certainty, they can also apply for visas in advance.

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Due to the lack of any consular services for US and Canadian citizens in Iran, the prior approval of a travel plan and tour operator before applying for a visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is necessary. Most tour agencies will provide this for you. None of the citizens of Israel have permission to travel to Iran. People with an Israeli stamp in their passports will not also be allowed to enter. All nationalities except Israelis can travel to Kish Island, a favorite tourist destination, without a visa for up to two weeks. Since visa requirements are constantly changed, it is best for travelers to contact Iranian embassies in their own country to realize the needed documents before entry. For the most part, visas will be approved in two to three weeks. Most people find it approximately simple if correct information is given. However, it would better to be sure you have enough time before applying.

Could I drink alcohol in Iran?
No, the alcohol drinks are illegal in Iran, but you can order that at underground places like another illegal thing!

Is it safe for US citizens to visit Iran?
US citizens must have followed their approved itinerary and tour guide instruction. Then by following these, they will not have any problems. Avoiding political uprising and making any public political statements is another way to be sure you are secure. You should know that the hostility between the United States and Iran refers to governments, not people. So Iranians will be keen to demonstrate their hospitality also to US citizens and will offer to host them for meals and other things. Can I

Travel independently to Iran? Do I need a guide to travel to Iran?
Most people are allowed to travel independently to Iran, without any guide or official headship but there is an exception for US and Canadian citizens. They are required to have their approved itinerary and tour group, which will require an officially sanctioned guide. However, as a part of their itinerary, it is possible to have free days, which if approved, will allow for free travel. We advise you to travel with guided tours because the ordinary people are not at a good level of English and you may pass you trip with difficulties, but those who work in tourism have an acceptable proficiency in English then you don’t have any problems.

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