KHORSHID PALACE The sign of love This palace is a symbol of light, warmth, life, and wellbeing. Many people consider Khorshid Mansion to be an Iranian Taj Mahal, which was constructed in honor of the queen and also served as a depository for royal gems. Around 300 years ago Nader Shah ordered the construction of the mansion in Kalat district, east of Iran.


Scholars believe edifice of the building goes back to the early years of Nader Shah ruling, and the construction lasted until the end of his life and monarchy. Khorshid Mansion is situated in the center of a giant Persian garden. After construction, it had three floors with a height of 25 meters, but now due to erosion, it is only two floors and around 20 meters in height.KHORSHID PALACE

The first floor of the mansion is an 8-sided polygon which is situated on top of four rows of pyramid-like stairs. The facade of this palace is cylindrical and built of marble. The mansion entrances are on the sides of a polygon which leads to the main hall of the structure. In the center of the building is a domicile of the king and the royal family.KHORSHID PALACE

The building has 12 rooms, all are decorated with magnificent paintings and ornamental works such as plaster moldings.Finally, the most exceptional splendor of this magnificent structure is its jagged exterior which is in harmony with the interior decorations.


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