Kish Island

One of the most popular destinations in Iran; an extraordinary island located in the Persian Gulf. The island is known best for recuperation and relaxing. People mostly choose this island because of its calm and ever engaging environment. You can start off by taking a sunbath and move on to take a stroll down the shore in order to help you relax. If you like shopping, then you can go to one of the many modern shopping centers on the island they have a variety of good quality items at reasonable prices. After that, you can simply visit Kariz Underground City or head off to watch the Greek Ship. These historical monuments are an integral part of this incredible islandKish Island
The places we’ve mentioned have their own unique characteristics, yet there are a lot of places on this island in which you can have fun. The most exciting part of your trip can be the Persian Gulf and its immense beauty. If you are set on being inland for this trip, we strongly recommend you to change your mind because the things you can see in the Persian Gulf are out of this world.

Kish Island

Gazelle Park in Kish Island

One of the most fascinating places in Kish. An approximately 2-acre plot of land located at the end of Ferdowsi Street. In this park, you can find a number of animals, such as lions, foxes, jackals, monkeys, deer and a variety of birds. Although the gazelles are not kept in cages like other animals in the park. In addition to watching these beautiful animals, children can also play in the park.

Kish Island

Home of the indigenous people

One of the many sights which have been turned into a museum. The purpose of the conversion was to introduce the history, culture, customs, livelihoods and unique handcrafted material belonging to the Natives. The goal was job creation, indigenous participation in the tourism sector, and the realization of sustainable tourism development for the Island. Since then it has become the home of the indigenous people and also an anthropology museum. This was only after getting the consent of the owner and obtaining the necessary permit from the Kish Free Zone Organization in April 2014. All the houses were reconstructed using the same materials while preserving the traditional architecture. It represents what it was like on the island merely 80 years ago.

Kish Island

Kish Recreational Wharf

One of the best places to visit. It is located on the shore, with a beautiful wooden deck and it leads you straight to the Persian Gulf. One of the best places for walking and exploring the island. This recreational Wharf was built by Iranian experts and it reaches 437 meters in length. It is close to other entertainment venues such as bowling, 4D Cinema, and the Marine Recreational Club. There are also a host of cafes and restaurants located around the pier.

Kish Island

Coral Coast

Most travelers and tourists spend their time at the Coral Beach in Kish Island. The attractive landscaping and the use of pavilions in this beach park have created a momentous scenery, one that is simply too good to be true. Watching the sunrise from this beach park will be an unforgettable experience. There are also several pavilions located on the beach for your comfort.

Kish Island

Hendurabi Island

Another spectacular attraction. Hendurabi Island is one of the quietest, almost deserted islands in the area. The island covers an area of about 23 kilometers. its highest peak is twenty-nine meters and it stretches about seven and a half kilometers. There is a village on the island called Hendarabi, which is located nears some other villages called Durant and Sarat. The island belonged to the Portuguese since the 15th century and was used as a military and commercial base. Remains of the Portuguese military base are still on display.

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Kish Island


One of the most spectacular places in Kish. The city dates back to the 5th to 10th century AD. It is located in the northern part of the island, and the whole city is considered to be a national monument. This ancient city is one of the most prominent landmarks of Kish Island. it covers a three-square-mile wide area. In the northern part of the city, the harbor management offices are still visible. This ancient city is now in ruins. A remnant of the past.

Kish Island

Greek ship in Kish Island

Another sightseeing opportunity in Kish. According to the information obtained, the ship was owned by Greeks and named Khoula F. The ship was built in 1322 by the British shipyard of William Hamilton and Company. It weighed 7,000 tons and was 136 meters long. Apparently, it was beached due to foggy weather and the lack of a lighthouse. The Greeks tried to get the ship out of the mud, but eventually, they could not do so. Instead, they evacuated the ship and set it on fire.

Kish Island

Kariz Underground City

This underground city covers more than 10,000 square meters. This city is one of the islands most spectacular monuments. Kariz is an archaic word for Qanat. The underground city is located at a depth of 16 meters, with an 8-meter roof overflowing with oysters, fossils and marine corals, dating back to around 270 and 570 million years ago. This complex has various sections, such as handicraft booths, restaurants, a museum, an amphitheater, a conference hall and a number of art galleries.

Kish Island

Cistern in Kish Island

Another tourist attraction in Kish. In the old days, cisterns were used as a way to store and save water. This cistern was built in 1371, in order to provide people’s drinking water, but soon the island became a tourist destination and because of it, the cistern lost its efficiency due to the increasing population and today its only use is as a tourist attraction. The architecture used in building this cistern was inspired by water storages in the city of Yazd, which have two domes and five wind towers so that the air gets through the towers and causes the water to cool down in the storage.Kish Island

Miranda Beach Resort

Another spectacular spot in Kish. This beach resort is located in the north and northwest of Kish Island. In addition to the beautiful beach, the park has multiple pavilions and a wharf called Miranda. This beachside Park extends from Khatam-al-Anbia Mosque to Jack Square on the coastal strip. The presence of a wharf has made the park turn into two sections, the first phase from Khatam-al-Anbia Mosque to the wharf and the second phase from the wharf to Jack Square.
The first phase of the park, which is about 41,000 square meters, has paved roads, pavilions and parking for tourists. Other features are the beachfront prairie, the Arabs market, the public library, the bazaar, the cycling track, a buffet, and cafeteria.

Kish Island

Bagh Village

In ancient times, the inhabitants of Kish Island lived in three rural areas located in the southwestern, eastern and northeastern parts of the island. Today the only village left is this one, located in the southwest of Kish Island. The city’s traditional structure has been preserved to this day. Currently, only a handful of locals live in this village. At the entrance to the village, black tents are set up in an attempt to expose the tourists to indigenous life and customs practiced in the area.

Kish Island

Simurgh Beach Park

The park is located on the south-east side of the island and along the coast. it is adjacent to the Marina Hotel, Simurgh Hotel, and Dolphinarium. It covers an area of 15,000 square meters. The park has a children’s playground which involves sports such as Badminton, Ping Pong, skating track, hiking trails and facilities such as water shows, cycling stations, toilets, and a parking lot.Kish Island

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City Park

This particular park is one of the few places that can satisfy tourists and travelers in Kish Island. it has an artificial lake, a sports and fitness section, cycling and skating rinks and a number of gardens but the park is also suitable for disabled people. Half of the park has been used for cultivating a variety of plant species adapted to the climate of Kish. The walls of the park are decorated with paintings by artists. In this park, there are a number of pavilions used for resting and accommodations. The park also has a number of rowboats that can be rented by tourists.

Kish Island

Dolphin Park or Dolphinarium

The first dolphin park in Iran. A large resort, which is one of the most popular places in Kish. It has a dolphin park, a bird watching complex, cafeteria, and an amphitheater. The bird watching complex displays a number of different species of rare birds.Kish Island

A grand house

One of the attractions that have not been well received. This house belonged to a number of families who lived on the island. The house is quite large and spacious such as the types of houses seen in Yazd and Kashan. There are indications that this house goes back to the Ilkhanate period.Kish Island

Sea turtles Kish Island

For many years, due to the security and tranquility of the Persian Gulf, there is diverse aquatic life living in this particular waters and that includes sea turtles. There are two types of sea turtles living in these waters, namely Hawksbill sea turtle and Green sea turtle. In addition, in the southern and western parts of the island, giant turtles can be found. They can be easily seen from the top of the coastal walls. One of the attractions of the island and its coastal cliffs is the abundance of turtles that attract the attention of tourists.
It’s interesting to know that turtles make up the first ecosystem cycle and are essential for the survival of the human race. In fact, these creatures are responsible for the environmental balance that we have today, so our very existence depends on them. Tortoises, crocodiles, and lizards are vertebrates that have survived from 200 million years ago and are more ancient than other reptiles. Sea turtles and sea snakes are the only species who were able to adapt to living in the sea. However, they still lay their eggs on beaches. They also come to the surface of the water to breathe. One of the things that may be interesting for tourists is the turtle’s food, which consists of jellyfish, sponges, crustacean larvae, clams, and marine plants.

Kish Island

The Green Tree

One of the oldest tourist attractions in Kish Island. A tree located at the end of the ancient alluvial trail in the island. Through this particular trail, surface waters flow to the northern part of the island. This section of the island looks like the northern parts of the country, because of the types of buildings and the wood used in the process of making them. The green tree is between 500 to 600 years old. Because of its magnitude, some people are of the opinion that the tree is somewhat sacred and that is why they pray to it. The tree is also known as Ficus religiosa. It grows in the southern regions of Iran. The area around the tree has been equipped with numerous pavilions, for travelers and tourists. This complex is located next to the aforementioned Cistern and the ancient city of Harireh.Kish Island

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