LI-LI Dorud Strait

Pack your bags because we want to have a very exciting trip to the LI-LI Dorud Strait. A beautiful and spectacular gorge that is a great place for swimming and water-related activities. Join us to find out where the LI-LI Dorud Strait is and what incredible beauty lies around it, from the green trees and the cool water of the Marble River that goes through the LI-LI Dorud Strait to the small and large ponds of the Strait itself.

What are the characteristics of LI-LI Dorud Strait?

is gorge is very beautiful and unique and has plenty of water. The waterfront of the gorge has made it a perfect place for swimming and even diving. Its smooth, polished nature and rocks will remind you of the Valley of Stars in Qeshm

Where is the LI-LI Dorud Strait located?

Dorud is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran and Lorestan province, which we know best for its beautiful Gahar Lake, but this time we want to go to another attraction of this city that is 20 kilometers outside of Dorud, between the two villages of Sireh-ye Sofla and the village of Chamar.

This beautiful strait is the result of the Marbore River’s erosion in Lorestan province that crosses the Zagros Mountains and cuts hard rocks to create such a pristine and beautiful atmosphere that is not unlike the Qeshm Star Valley. It is said that the current river which goes through this gorge is famous for its snakes, so if you go to the gorge you will probably see a water snake.

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The first time you enter the gorge you will see a turquoise blue and sometimes green and blue water passing through the hard rocks and uniquely polishing the stones. Reaching the middle of the gorge you’ll find small and large ponds where small blue snakes crawl and give a
special appearance to the strait. If you don’t want to get wet, stay well out of
range from the gorge because the depth of the water can reach up to 2
meters in some places so sit outside the gorge and watch the beautiful view.

If you want to get the most out of the gorge but you’re not a swimmer, you
just need to find a boat to truly appreciate its beauty, but if you are
a professional tourist and would prefer swimming just dive into the water
and move forward but beware that the water is quite swift the rocks are a

What are the attractions of LI-LI Dorud Strait?

Join us in this section to tell you about the exciting fun you can have in this
beautiful gorge.

Swimming in the LI-LI Dorud Strait

This astonishing gorge has plenty of water, providing ample room for high altitude diving. When you enter the gorge area, the entrance is slightly open, but as you go forward, the gorge area becomes narrower and smooth rocks appear. In the middle of the path are small and large ponds that are very spectacular; the most famous of them is the Li-Li Pond.

The middle of the gorge is the best place for swimming because it has the
the most depth and you can dive easily without a fear, but be sure to thoroughly
check the environment before swimming or diving, as nature is constantly
changing and it’s a bit unpredictable.

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Sightseeing from a boat in LI-LI Dorud Strait

Boats are always thrown into the water where the water is deep and wide.
Imagine sailing in a cramped, rocky area with roaring water, and in the middle of the path you see huge rocks and trees! Don’t you find it enjoyable?

If you go to LI-LI Dorud Strait, you can take an inflatable boat with you, throw it in the water, have fun and at the end take it with you.
Note: There is currently no boat rental facility in this area and there is only
one pedal boat there, so if you want to experience it all, you should bring
your boat.


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