Mazichal village

Mazichal village is the fog in the region and the spectacular clouds of this climate create a strange sort of daydream.
The forest is pristine, the mountains are strenuous, clouds thick, lush plains and colorful woods plus the mountain winds which are ever present. Sometimes the rain, in the pleasant silence of nature, makes you wonder as if you were part of nature itself.

Most people in Iran love the cities and villages in the northern parts of the country because of its beautiful nature, which is why most of the time they travel there. Although the number of these villages is so high that it is not possible to visit all of them.
Today, we plan to make a virtual trip to one of these villages and plan for a real trip to this beautiful, unique countryside.

A fantastic journey to the land of clouds

After going through Chalous Road and reaching Marzanabad you’ll have to change direction and go towards Kelardasht.
Pass through the windy forest until you get to Abbas Abad road and then continue to the exit, from there on the road itself will take you to the paradise you seek.
A countryside on top of a mountain surrounded by clouds.
We take off from the Earth and approach the sky, everything is dreamy.
A dream indeed, the beauties of nature appear one after the other.

Long and ancient trees are hidden among the fog

You pass through the clouds and when light reaches your eyes you realize that this is Mazichal village and you’ve arrived.
Paradise on earth. Paradise amongst clouds.
In Kelardasht, Mazandaran there is a beautiful and spectacular village called Mazichal, which is the destinations for tourists and friends of nature due to its beautiful location and nature. A village where good and honest people live.
A countryside in which 50 to 60 households live in from late June to early fall.

Mazichal village is at an altitude of 2,600 meters above sea level, and it gives a vast, spectacular view from Ramsar to Chalous and the Mazandaran Sea. Imagine the green forest and sea showcasing their own beauty.
The presence of dense forests and white clouds that adorn has made the village’s position and location privileged and unique. The mountains and the shape of the hills lead to the formation of constantly evolving clouds.
The villagers’ cottages, which are used only by residents during the summertime, create a tranquil and imaginative image for the tourists through the lush landscape and the blue sky.

In the spring, flowers such as Primrose and Viola, create an enormous and unremitting role in people’s memories, and their color is so beautiful it radiates happiness.

The Villagers

They are called “Muzi Chal” in the Mazandaran dialect.
If you inquire about the root of “Mazichal”, they will say to you in a sweet accent that:
“Mazichal” has two parts, one “Mazi” which means oak tree and the other “Chal”, which in Mazandarani means a pit or a hole.
And then they show you the forest which is full of oak trees on the slopes of the mountains.

Throughout the day, the people are busy with their work and the tourists cannot believe that people take this beautiful place for granted.
The tourists feel right at home between the locals, they take pictures and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

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Here you have to enjoy every second like it’s your last one.
The forest road is full of oak trees and it is very lush and spectacular.
Sometimes a massive fog appears and takes over the road, in which case you should seek help from the villagers in order to get to the village.
Along the way, the old cemetery that has been flooded by trees and plants can be seen, it’s not practically a cemetery anymore and the people bury the dead somewhere else.

In addition to the beauty and attractions of this village, you can enjoy the beautiful woods of Abbas Abad which is full of oak trees, maple trees, and pine needles and wild birds singing in the forest.
Forests that bring peace and tranquility to the people and serve as a safe haven for animals.

All the routes leading to and of the village of Mazichal are very diverse and interesting, these beautiful landscapes cannot be found elsewhere on the planet. Each season has its unique features and it brings a new and different view to the village.

Cold winters that cover the roads with snow.
The spring air is fresh and mint.
In the summer, green trees showcase their beauty for us.
And the fall is the most mesmerizing of them all. Yellow and orange leaves under the trees.
The acidic soil makes it possible to see a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and plants in this area.

Raspberries, Berries, Forest Plums, Apples, Pears, Hazelnuts, Blueberries, Fir, Abele, Maple, Honeyberry, Alder, Tilia, Beech, Barberry, Wild Roses, Black Oak, Hornbeam, Medlar, Wych elm, Oak, Hawthorn, Garland thorn and etc.

The Mazichal forest is considered to be one of the Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests.
The marginal climate of the Alborz mountain range and Mazandaran Sea is very suitable for broad-leaved forests. The forests range from Astara to eastern Gorgan, with a length of 800 kilometers and a width of about 110 kilometers.

It dates back to the third period of geology and is very rich and valuable in terms of native and ancient species.
Currently, there are up to 150 species of endemic trees and shoots in the Hirkani forest, such as Buxus hyrcana and Parrotia persica.
In the forest at a height of fewer than 50 meters above sea level, Buxus and Oak are quite dominant.

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At altitudes of 400 meters above sea level, oak and hornbeams can be seen and at altitudes of 1800 meters above sea level, Hirani beech trees are dominant which together with the hornbeam and oak trees form predominant species to the forest line (3000 meters above sea level).

This region has been registered as an International Bird Area (IBA).
All sorts of animals live in this part of the world.
The diversity of the species is very important, all types of wild mammals and birds live in this area, including:
Squirrel, deer, goat, leopard, bear, rabbit, pig, jackal, wild cat, hedgehog, badger, wolves, pheasants, vulture, woodpeckers, wagtail, quacks, hawks, pigeons, western jackdaw, owls and quail, and reptiles such as Snake and turtle.

In time for one year, the rocks are covered with greenery, colorful blooms and the yellow of the sun plus the rain dipping is the stuff of life.
One should go out deep into nature with a camera for recording this magnificent celebration.

Autumn for Nature Lovers

Autumn should be seen and understood only in Mazichal village. Autumn, is known to be a bore, but there are warm colors here and whit the addition of the sun there is nothing boring at all. Autumn is a delightful season for all sorts of people.


The locals leave the Mazichal village during winter. But tourists do not care for snow and cold, they want to enjoy its beauty no matter what.
So enjoy this gift that God has created and let it not go to waste. Take every opportunity head on and do not hesitate because you may not get a second chance at doing this.

Trekking in Mazichal village

Many climbers and nature lovers choose winter holidays for the sake of its beauty and the uniqueness of it.
If you choose this season, you need to be ready for the challenge.

The best season for visiting Mazichal village

As with other northern regions of Iran, the Caspian Sea is beautiful and spectacular in all seasons, and it is possible to choose according to your personal taste and interest.
In spring and summer, the Mazichal village and its surroundings are bursting with spring flowers which provide a pleasant, relaxing view and also the air is mild and refreshing.
Although some people like to visit Mazichal in the fall others mostly prefer the cold and the snow.


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