Tuyserkan walnut festival

Yes, the harvest time has come, and the mood of Tuyserkan is ever different. Walnut in Tuyserkan is not just an agricultural product but is an element which intrudes into all aspects of their life and has become a cultural and social one. Walnuts in Tuyserkan have cultural value in addition to economic value.Tuyserkan walnut festival

Neizeh, Cholang, Barak and other instruments needed to shake walnut trees are available on demand. Young and talented people pick the walnuts out of the cluttered trees and deliver henceforth. One shakes walnut trees, one collects, one peels them off.

Tuyserkan walnut festival

It is indeed a festival. Trading takes place all over the city. Tuyserkan is the capital of green gold and you can see walnut trees anywhere in the city. Given this cultural and agricultural capacity, the walnut festival is held in Tuyserkan in the late summer and early fall of each year. At the festival, you can see from walnut tree shakings to native and local games taking place, handicraft exhibitions, local cooking and souvenirs gift shops.

Tuyserkan walnut festival

In Tuyserkan, in addition to walnuts, there are abundant and high-quality almonds, sumac, plums, and apples available. If you are interested in buying souvenirs, handicrafts and walking around in nature free from it all, travel to Tuyserkan and enjoy it. Here is the world’s largest storage of walnut. Here is the paradise of western Iran.Tuyserkan walnut festival

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  1. I love Tuyserkan walnut fesrival
    I went to Hamadan in 2016 and it was a fantastic travel experience in iran

  2. I will go to Tuyserkan in 2020

    me and my girl friend love Iran and i think this is nice country.

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