A Farsi phrasebook can communicate with your new Iranian friends and it is a small gift from home for new friends.plan for your trip(including visa application process). Iran is big and trying to see everything can lead to frustration. A learn some Farsi before you go.in Iran, you to face hospitality and small acts of kindness. Foreign woman want to know what to wear in Iran? All females traveler aged nine and older will need to wear hijab while in Iran. Hijab means covering hair, arms, legs and wearing clothes that disguise your body shape when in public. for men travelers, they shouldn’t wear shorts or singlets that show your shoulders.

mosaferkhaneh is a very basic hotel with dorm beds and shared bathroom. There are local hotels with various prices, therefore, you can choose residence well-set by your budget.

prices in shops are fixed but in the bazaar are negotiable, especially for souvenirs and carpets. In heavily touristed areas, such as Imam sq in Esfahan, bargaining is essential. A good bargain doesn’t require you to screw every last toman out of the vendor. As long as you’re happy, it was a good deal.

Tipping isn’t a big deal in Iran. In upmarket restaurants (mainly in Tehran) a 10% gratuity might be sum to the bill. There is no culture of baksheesh (alms or tips) in Iran.

Iranians are generally quite forgiving. They don’t expect you to know all of the rules. When invited to dinner take a tin of the local sweets (eg gas in Esfahan). The greeting is important to Iranians and launching into the conversation without a greeting is considered rude. Never use the thumbs up to a sign, which is the equivalent of the middle finger’up yours’. Men shouldn’t offer to shake a woman’s hand unless she offers first. A take of your shoes when entering a home or a mosque. Teahouses are traditionally where that Iranian can eat, drink tea and use Galyan (water pipe). Kebabs can be found around major sq and serve, yes,k. there are fast foods in Iran. Ash_e jo (pearly_barley soup) and salad are Iranian starters that you can taste.

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