Rush forest

If you want to make a list of the most beautiful forests in Iran, the Rush forest in Savadkuh County will definitely be on this list. Rush forest, also known as Merci-Ci and Sangdeh forest is one of a kind. It’s time to get away from the city and the routine and fatigue, and to spend a few moments in nature. Do not miss out on this, and come with us to the Beech forest and take comfort in its beauty.

Beech Forest in Savadkuh County

It is quite essentially a breeding ground for rare species of beech trees. This forest with its beautiful nature can calm you down. There is a beautiful waterfall in the forest, which simply blows you away. If you are a fan of beautiful colors and immense beauty this place is perfect for you.

En route to the Rush forest

It does not matter how you get to Savadkuh County, eventually, you’ll have to go through Road 79 (Firoozkuh Road) and experience it. The road is famous for its beautiful landscape. As you arrive in the county, you have to slow down and take it in. Even before you get to the forest your mood changes radically. We can talk about this for hours, what you need to know is that you are on a spectacular road; a road that is surrounded by trees on both sides. In the spring and summer, you will be welcomed with green and lush landscape, in the autumn it will take on a thousand colors and in the winter snow covers everything in your path.

Get on Haraz road and go towards a village called Sang Deh, in order to see one of the most beautiful and most valuable natural attractions in Iran. The forest is quite near the village. What adds to the importance of this forest is the presence of beautiful beech trees, a rare tree in low-lying areas of northern Iran, with plenty of natural value.

What you get in Beech Forest is walking in a dreamy place and enjoying beautiful landscapes. If you deal with fatigue and go on further into the woods you get to see a beautiful waterfall called Uben. Next to these, in the fall season, you can watch the masterpiece of creation in the village and its beautiful forest; the leaves take on a thousand colors that cover everywhere and create a memorable image.

Sights and attractions

Rush forest does not have a lot of recreational facilities and it helps to keep it as nature intended. The most important thing you can get when traveling to this forest is the pleasant weather and its peace and quiet, but nonetheless, you can still enjoy the jungle and its spectacles. By doing activities and seeing the following attractions, create unforgettable moments in Beech Forest.

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Rush forest Trekking

As you step into the forest, the trees shrink around you and you become enchanted by their beauty. Do not hurry, step by step in Rush forest there are some things that you might miss out. Walking through Rush forest is like being in a dream that brings peace to you for moments. Of course, some also go through this forest with cars and enjoy other forms of beauty.

The roaring river

As you walk in the woods, listen to the sound of nature to accompany you through the jungle. This beautiful chatter makes fatigue meaningless to you. This river has multiplied the beauty of this particular forest by passing through it and has made it all the more spectacular.

Uben Waterfall

If you go on foot at some point you might hear the sound of water falling in the forest, indicating that you are approaching the waterfall. The beautiful waterfall is in the heart of the forest and it adds to the beauty of this place. This waterfall comes from the natural springs nearby and flows into the river after it goes through the forest.

Picnic and photography

If you like to create memories for yourself and your fellow travelers, do not forget the picnic and fun in the Beech Forest. In the corners of the forest, you can set up your own picnic area and enjoy the view. Just remember to not damage the wonderful nature of Rush forest in Mazandaran.

If you look at each side, you will find a subject to take pictures of. From scattered trees to the waterfall itself, everybody can take wonderful images of these attractions.

Bike ride in the jungle

Despite the fact that there are no rental bikes available in the Beech Forest, those who are looking for a different recreation and memorable they turn to their bicycles. If you are indeed like this, bring your bike and do not miss the experience of biking in Rush forest.

Best season for traveling

Rush forest is located at a relatively high altitude, and mountainous weather prevails. So the best time to visit the Beech Forest is mid-spring to early winter, but the fall season in this forest is well known around these parts.
Spring: The flowers show themselves on the trees and the greenery of the forest looks more and fresher.

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Summer: Maybe the weather is warm, but because of the height of the area, it’s not so annoying and you can enjoy surfing in the lush green forest.
Autumn: In the autumn, the Beech Forest is in a season due to the color of its leaves and attracts many tourists. Of course, the weather is cold, but it is worth the trouble.
Winter: The high altitude of the area makes it difficult to manage the cold, but snow is so beautiful that still brings its lovers back to it.


Throughout the Rush forest, there are loads of old trees, such as maple, common yew, wych elm, and alder. In the meantime, beech is more valuable than all the other trees, because, in spite of its scarcity, it is abundant in the area at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.
The beech tree has lots of foliage and creates a good amount of shadow for cooling down. It does not grow well in cold regions, and warmer areas provide a better environment for its development. Because the roots of the tree are superficial, forests with a shallow bed and limestone surface are the best places for it. The tree can grow up to 35 meters in height and reach 1.5 meters in diameter. The beech tree is very sensitive and it can die regardless of the season’s conditions. The severe winter cold damages the seedlings of this tree and the cold of spring also destroys its leaves. In the summer heat, this tree is not spared and may be damaged.

Rush forest

The tree lives between 200 and 250 years and rises in the vast forests between the ages of 60 and 80 and the open spaces between the ages of 40 and 50. With good soil, every 5-6 years once and in bad weather, once every 15 years, there are fruits on its branches that contain 7 to 5 percent oil.
Beechwood is one of the most widely used woods and is used in things such as the construction of rural houses, doors, and windows, tables and chairs, sofas and so on. The cellulose of this wood is also used to produce fine and delicate silk fabrics. In addition, charcoal and firewood made from this woos have a certain reputation around the world.


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